Mutual Funds & Stock Broking Made Easy via Paytm All-in-One Payments

Say yes to High Success Rates, Broad TPV tie-ups, Direct Settlement, and Split Settlements.
Investments Simplified for AMCs/Stock Broking Companies & Investors
Online TPV Banks
Highest number of Online TPV Banks for better collection via Net Banking & UPI
Accept NEFT/IMPS/RTGS based Collections via Virtual Accounts
Automate Recurring Collection
Automate Recurring Collection via eNACH Mandates and UPI Autopay
High Success Rate
Enjoy High Success Rate on Net Banking and UPI
Direct Settlement
Highest Number of Direct Settlement Banks for quick realisation of funds
Split Settlement
Split Settlement for easier allocation of collected funds
Benefits That are Front & Center.
Flexibility to Customers
Offer Flexibility to Customers
With multiple applicable pay modes, the Paytm Payment Gateway integration created for companies dealing in mutual funds, stock broking or both, allows their customers the flexibility to choose from multiple options like NetBanking, UPI, and virtual accounts for their investments.
Get Compliant & Stay Compliant
With Paytm payment solutions, financial institutions dealing in MFs and stocks stay 100% compliant as per SEBI guidelines, allowing you to focus 100% on your customers.
Compliant & Stay Compliant
Success Rates
Easy to set up with one of the Best Success Rates
Our solution is designed for easy integration with investment platforms and offers one of the best success rates.

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Unique Industry Challenges We Solve To Streamline The Investment Process
Instant Funds
Instant Funds
In the world of equities one day can make a huge difference to investments. Through direct settlement across multiple banks Paytm allows quick availabiliy of funds for our customers.
Multiple Order, One Checkout
Multiple Order, One Checkout
Customers can now choose to make a single payment for multiple funds. With Paytm's split settlement options investment companies can rest easy.
Better Compliance
Better Compliance
With the Largest tie-up, Paytm Payment Gateway supports the highest number of Online TPV banks. Get anyone and everyone to be your customer.
Deliver A Great Customer Experience
Large Payment Collection
Increase ease of investment and reconciliation through quick fund realization via Bank Transfers.
Increase ease of investment
Automate collection
Automate collection through eNACH Mandate and UPI Autopay with the best success rates.
Frequently Asked Questions
Why should AMCs & Mutual Fund Intermediaries opt for the Paytm All-In-One Payments solution suite?

The Paytm All-In-One Payments Solution Suite is a combination of different payment solutions, specifically engineered to make an investment in the stock market or mutual funds easy for end customers, thereby making the AMCs and intermediaries using this suite attractive for these customers.

An Investment in Mutual Funds and Stocks is very different from making bill payments etc. Has Paytm All-In-One Payments done any research?

Yes. The Paytm All-In-One Payments solution suite was designed after in-depth research into customer preferences and behaviours, and after evaluating stock broking and mutual fund trends from all over the world. Fast and easy to integrate, this suite provides the flexibility to invest which enables AMCs and intermediaries to deliver great customer experiences while staying 100% compliant with SEBI regulations.

Does the suite include the Paytm All-In-One Payment Gateway?

Yes, along with the myriad of other features and benefits that help AMCs differentiate their services from others, the suite includes the Paytm All-In-One Payment Gateway.

Can we offer SIPs through Net Banking?

Yes. Whether it’s a one-time payment through Net Banking or setting up subscription services for recurring payments into SIPs through eNach mandates and UPI Autopay, this suite supports it all.

Does the suite have Third Party Verification (TPV) enabled?

Yes, as it is a SEBI regulation to ensure an investment is made from a registered account, the Paytm payment solution suite has a tie-up with 31 banks to ensure third party verification (TPV) can be done within seconds to process payments towards an investment.

What is the Direct Settlement option? How many banks has Paytm All-In-One Payments tied-up with?

Once the customer makes a payment to the AMC or mutual fund intermediary, using the Paytm All-In-One Payments solution suite, the company can use a dashboard to trigger direct settlement of the funds. This allows for the funds to become available to the AMC immediately for processing the customer’s request. Paytm has a tie-up with 8 banks for direct settlement. This feature is extremely important for customers who are into intraday trading.

What is split settlement?

A customer can choose multiple investments and can get a shopping cart checkout experience by paying one cumulative amount on the AMC website. Creating virtual account numbers in the backend, the Paytm All-In-One Payments solution suite can split the values into the respective orders the customer gave.

How many virtual accounts does the suite allow?

The Paytm All-In-One Payments Solution suite allows unlimited accounts.

Can my customers use credit cards on the Paytm All-In-One Payment Gateway to purchase stocks or mutual funds?

As using a credit instrument to invest in the stock market or purchase mutual funds is against SEBI regulations, the credit card payment mode is not available for investment.

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What is the Paytm All-In-One Payments Solution Suite for AMCs and intermediaries for mutual funds?
Being one of India's leading payment portals, Paytm is always looking for avenues of continuous innovation for AMCs and intermediaries for mutual funds; thus, the Paytm All-In-One Payments solution suite becomes an obvious choice. The Paytm All-In-One Payments Solution Suite is a combination of different payment solutions from Paytm, specifically engineered to make investment management easy for end customers, thereby making the AMCs and intermediaries using this suite attractive for their customers. It provides a great degree of flexibility for investment companies to deliver excellent customer experiences while remaining 100% compliant with SEBI regulations.
Some Features of the Paytm All-In-One Payments Solution Suite for Asset Management Companies and Mutual Fund Intermediaries
1. Payment Gateway – This suite's first feature is getting access to the highly successful Paytm All-In-One Payments Gateway, one of India's best payment gateways. This gateway is one of the most effortless payment gateway integrations that an AMC or stock broking company could want. It is based on one of the most robust platforms that can handle hundreds of thousands of transactions without skipping a byte.
2. Subscription Model – The Paytm All-In-One Payments solution suite offers both the eNach Mandate setup and UPI Autopay, giving customers the gift of choice. eNach mandates given directly to banks may take up to three weeks to activate, and by then, the NAV that the customer wanted to enter might be long gone. eNach Mandates through Paytm take only a few hours to go through, and the customer can be assured that every month, the investment into their SIP will go on time & automatically through this setup. Paytm also has the best-in-industry success rates for setting up eNach mandates and debt rates.
3. Third-Party Verification – Whether an AMC's end customer wants to make a payment through NetBanking, eNach Mandate, or UPI Autopay, the payment gateways must authenticate that the account is registered with SEBI via third party verification. Paytm All-In-One Payments solution suite has the best payment gateway & the most extensive tie-up with 31 banks in India to ensure compliance with SEBI regulations.
4. Direct Settlement – For investment in stocks or mutual funds, ensuring that Asset Management Companies invest in the date when the customer wants to make the purchase is critical. Paytm All-In-One Payments solution suite gives AMCs, and Intermediaries access to 8 banks for on-demand direct settlement. This way, they can release the funds whenever they want and place their order before the daily cut-off time.
5. Virtual Accounts & Split Settlements – The Paytm All-In-One Payments solution suite gives AMCs the flexibility to set up virtual accounts for split settlement purposes. This means the end customer can have an eCommerce checkout experience for investments as well, where they can choose to invest a certain amount in two or more funds. When coupled with third-party verification and direct settlements, this becomes a powerful tool for AMCs to differentiate themselves from their competition.