Scalable decision engine that dynamically manages risk, prevents fraud and grows your business

Paytm pi
Pi is designed for efficiency and scale
Faster decision-making

Faster decision-making than the industry average1

Average maintained

Average maintained approval rating2

Rule evaluations

Rule evaluations every day3

Decisions made

Decisions made every day3

How Pi works
Paytm pi
A smart, scalable decision engine that identifies risk profiles from your entire ecosystem, helps prevent every major type of fraud and enables business growth.
Why Pi is a powerful fraud fighting machine
Easy to use
No code. Easy to use templates
Leverage easy-to-use industry templates to dynamically manage activity and pin-point anomalies across your ecosystem.
Easy to use
Experiment, analyze and deploy AI/ML models
Pi takes guesswork out of the equation by letting you test rules in a simulated environment so you can anticipate changes and see results before publishing.
Easy to use
Comprehensive data ingestion.
Pi securely leverages your proprietary and third-party data aggregating all of it into one comprehensive view of your entire business’ ecosystem.
Easy to use
Lightning-fast, no latency
Pi offers an in-built anomaly detection to automatically identify, detect patterns and outliers, sending you real time alerts of activity shifts in your ecosystem.
Easy to use
Prevent every type of fraud
Pi offers solutions to prevent account takeovers, promotion frauds and transaction frauds all while creating the least amount of user friction.
Easy to use
Reduce false declines
Stop threats as they emerge with Pi’s machine learning based fraud detection models with a feedback loop that improves accuracy and minimizes false positives.

One fraud solution for your entire team

Pi is not only effective, it's intuitive and has use-cases for every stakeholder

  • Leaders
  • Managers
  • Operators
For CEOs, CTOs, CIOs, and Chief Risk Officers
  • Grow your bottom line with smarter risk decisioning
  • Deploy ML to shift defenses dynamically
  • Offer right friction to the right users at the right time
  • Profit from detailed reports and analytics
  • Monitor industry trends
  • Optimize controls, processes, and auditing
For Heads of Risk, Risk Managers, and Directors of Risk
  • Auto-adjust risk tiering, rules, and thresholds with ML
  • Implement within 3-4 weeks
  • Execute rules at speeds of 50ms
  • Shadow test rules before pushing live
  • Craft reusable variable blocks to easily plug into rules
  • Deploy smarter anomaly and pattern recognition
For Risk Strategists, Risk Analysts, and Risk Engineers
  • Utilize case management to fast track responses to flagged activity
  • Modify rules in minutes (no coding required)
  • Boost efficiency with auto-decisioning and bulk actions
  • Stay informed with real time alerts, data-rich reports, and a comprehensive audit trail
Complete anti-fraud solution for every major threat
Prevent Account Takeover
Prevent Account Takeover
Pi’s Account Shield uses a multi-layered approach to stop takeovers before they start, so your customers and revenue are better protected.
Prevent Promotion Abuse
Eliminate offer misuse and ensure the right customers get the right promos with Promo Protection from Pi.
Prevent Offer Promo Fraud
Prevent Transaction Fraud
Prevent Transaction Fraud
Secure sensitive payment data and create a payment environment that your customers trust.
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1. Based on average results for customers in 2022
2. Pi internal data
3. 100-200ms is the average decision-making time in the fraud industry (vs. 50ms for Pi)