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Paytm AI Router
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AI Router
What can Paytm AI Router do for your business?
AI-led payment routing
AI-led payment routing capabilities Paytm AI Router is self-learning and intelligently routes payment traffic between multiple payment gateways while achieving high payment success rates and low transaction cost.
Payment Gateways
One integration for 15+ payment gateways Get access to all leading payment gateways, the widest range of payment options, one-time payments, recurring payments and more with a single plug & play integration.
AI-led fraud & risk
AI-led fraud & risk management Leverage Paytm’s end-to-end fraud prevention technology to keep your customers’ data safe and prevent fraud related business losses.
fraud & Risk Management
Direct to bank UPI with all leading banksSave cost and improve success rates by routing UPI transactions directly through bank rails without the need for intermediary payment gateways.
Plug & Play
Industry’s best affordability solutionsIncrease ticket size and make your products more affordable with leading BNPL, credit card and EMI options. Aggregated in one place.
advanced payment analytics
Cutting-edge card processing features Get access to ALT-ID based guest checkout, tokenization, 3DS 2.0, CVV-less payments, Native OTP & more. Set routing rules based on card type, card network, bank or specific BINs for offers.
Here's how much your business can grow with Paytm AI Router
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Take control of your payments. Drive your business forward.
Paytm AI Router puts the power in your hands and delivers incredible results. With access to Paytm MARS, the industry’s most advanced payment analytics tool, you can monitor critical metrics in real-time. You can then make adjustments to your routing strategy by setting up new rules in seconds from the dashboard.
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Paytm AI Router caters to many industries
  • eCommerce
  • Food & Grocery
  • BFSI
  • Travel

UPI and credit alone contribute to 85%+ of your ecommerce payments. Paytm AI Router provides you a definite edge with access to the widest range of UPI & Credit payment options while also providing a seamless & fail-proof payment experience on cards.

  • Seamless UPI payments via UPI SDK, UPI Intent & more with instant account-linking experience for 350 Mn+ registered Paytm users.
  • Offer all leading credit payment options such as EMI, Cards & BNPL aggregated in one place
  • Experience lightning-fast card payments with features like CVV-less card payments, Native OTP, Guest checkout and more
  • Prevent payment failures even during peak traffic on sale days
Food & Grocery
Food Tech

Frictionless payment is one of the most important criterias behind the success of your food & grocery business. A failed payment results in cart abandonment and lost customers.

Paytm AI Router can help you achieve customer satisfaction by increasing payment success rates.

  • Flexibility to change your payment routing strategy instantly and set up new rules in seconds from our easy to use dashboard.
  • Boost success rates by up to 15% with AI based routing system
  • Save costs (transaction, engineering etc.) by easily setting up multiple payment providers

Your BFSI business needs to process large volumes of payments every day. Maintaining multiple payment gateways in order to ensure successful payment acceptance can be an expensive and complex affair.

Routing payments through Paytm AI Router can help reduce costs and complexity while ensuring high payment success rates.

  • Increase your revenue and profits by improving conversion even during peak traffic
  • Reduce cost on every transaction with cost-based routing
  • Improve customer experience with AI-based payment routing

We understand the evolving needs of your online travel business. Given the high ticket sizes, frequent payment failures and chargebacks can have a devastating impact on revenues and erode customer trust.

Your payment systems also need to be robust and support surges in traffic during peak seasons

Paytm AI Router empowers you to offer a seamless payment experience for consumers by

  • Enable payment acceptance across app, web & payment links
  • Increase conversion through bank offers & EMI
  • Ensure up to 10% higher success rates even during peak traffic

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my online business need a payment router?
As your business begins to scale, relying on a single payment gateway can lead to payment failures and high transaction costs that can negatively impact your bottom line. Paytm AI Router powers your business growth by giving you access to all leading payment gateways, bank gateways and more with a single integration. Your business can save big on payment related costs like transaction charges, technical resources to manage multiple payment gateways and operational expenses in managing fraud, chargebacks and refunds. Switch to Paytm AI router to take control of your payments and make your business future-proof.
How does Paytm AI Router work?
Paytm AI Router is a smart payment decision engine that works in real-time to boost success rates and reduce cost on every payment made on your website or app. You can easily set up your own cost based, attribute based or success rate based payment routing rules from the Paytm dashboard. Our system then leverages Paytm’s data and expertise as India’s largest payments platform to intelligently route transactions to the right payment gateway or bank gateway at the right time, generating a payment success rate boost of up to 15%.
How is Paytm AI router better than other payment routers?
Today 85%+ your revenue comes from UPI and credit payments. Paytm is India’s largest UPI PSP and leading provider of credit payment options such as EMI, BNPL and more. Paytm AI router leverages this deep and rich database to make smarter decisions on every transaction while also providing your customers with the best UPI and credit payment experience.
Does my business need a different integration for multiple payment gateways?
No. You only need to integrate with Paytm AI Router once to get access to all leading payment gateways. Integration only takes a couple of days whereas other payment routers could take months to integrate.
Will I still have control of my business’ payments?
Paytm AI Router puts the power in your hands. You can change your payment routing strategy and set up new rules in seconds from the dashboard at any time based on your business needs.
Are there any additional charges for Paytm AI Router ?
We operate on a ‘pay-as-you-grow’ commercial model. Initially, Paytm AI Router is completely free to use for your business with no additional charges. You will only need to pay standard MDRs on each transaction depending on the payment gateway and payment source. As your business begins to scale, your dedicated account manager will reach out to you to work out a pricing plan that makes sense for your business. We also do not charge any setup or maintenance fees.
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