Paytm Super Router

A Dynamic Routing Solution to manage Multiple Payment Gateways

Route payment traffic between multiple payment gateways and achieve high payment success rates, low operational cost and best customer experience.
Super Router
What can Super Router do for your business?
Increase payment uptime Our robust technology manages downtime across gateways/banks for your transaction processing leading to 5% increase in uptime.
Reduce cost Paytm Super Router integrates easily with multiple payment gateways and does not require any overhead cost to maintain or manage it.
Seamless checkout experience Route payments between high performing gateways and give your customers the best checkout experience.
One-click integration Seamlessly integrate new payments providers/aggregators and go-live with in seconds (versus a 4-week industry average time for integration)
Take control of your payments Change your payment routing strategy instantly and setup new rules in seconds from our dashboard
In-depth insights Measure critical payment metrics in depth with analytics on our dashboard
How Does Super Router Work?
Super Router
Route transactions through our easy to use dashboard based on multiple parameters to maximize success rate and save cost.
Still relying on a single payment gateway for your website?
The idea of a single payment platform seems smart to many new business owners because it simplifies the process. But having multiple gateways actually offers a ton of advantages that help make your business more profitable.
Backup payment gateway
Maximize success rates
Lower costs
Paytm Super Router caters to many industries
  • BFSI
  • Online Gaming
  • Edtech
  • Foodtech

Banking and Financial Service Providers process large volumes of payments every day. In order to ensure successful payment acceptance, they need to maintain multiple payment gateways which can be an expensive and complex affair.

Routing payments through Paytm Super Router can help reduce costs and complexity while ensuring high payment success rates.

  • Increase your revenue and profits by lowering payment costs
  • Integrate with multiple payment providers in just a click
  • Improver customer experience with AI-based payment routing
Online Gaming

Online gaming industry registers close to 433mn gamers today. They need to maintain a high payment success rate in order to ensure an enjoyable and hassle-free gaming experience for their gamers.

With Paytm Super Router, you can smartly route payments through to the best performing payment gateway and ensure payment acceptance at a higher success rate at the time.

  • AI based routing system that bolsters success rates by 5%
  • Save costs (transaction, engineering etc.) by easily setting up payment integrations

Online payment plays a very important role in ed tech resulting tech and product teams to spend a lot of bandwidth setting up smooth payment options rather than focussing on core business.

Paytm’s intelligent routing & direct bank integrations ensure that your end user's payment goes through every time.

  • Bolster your payment success rates by routing transactions (to best performing PG)
  • Take full control of your payment acceptance routing with an easy-to-use dashboard
  • Increase your profits by lowering payment costs
Food Tech
Food Tech

Frictionless payment is one of the most important criterias behind success of any food-tech today. A failed payment results in cart abanadoment and lost customer.

Super Router can help achieve customer satisfaction by increasing payment success rates.

  • Flexibility to change your payment routing strategy instantly and setup new rules in seconds from our easy to use dashboard.
  • AI based routing system that bolsters success rates by 5%
  • Save costs (transaction, engineering etc.) by easily setting up multiple payment providers
Grow your business with Paytm Super Router.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Super Router work?
Super router shifts load between two or more payment gateways to avoid payment downtime and customer loss. It makes it easier for it to select the optimal payment route or divide the payment between multiple gateways that you choose through easy to use paytm for business dashboard. This allows multiple integrations in one-click and saves cost of maintenance.
Do we need to integrate differently for all the gateways?
Merchant needs to integrate with Paytm Super Router. Router has integration with different payment gateways.
What are the criteria to route the transactions?
The key objective behind default routing is to maximize the success rates of transactions. While doing so we evaluate multiple gateways recent and historic performance at levels which is closest to the incoming transaction.
How does Super Router help reduce my transaction costs?
Super Router comes with a simple yet powerful dashboard that enables you to route transactions as you like across multiple payment providers. This helps you reduce costs by routing to optimize costs, reduce failures through fallbacks, and allow for partial routing to maximize both costs and success rates.

If a provider offers you a better rate for a payment method, a channel, or over a certain transaction volume, our dashboard will allow you to route transactions in the optimal way to reduce your transaction fees.
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Super Router

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