1. The Dynamic QR is displayed to the users on the checkout page of AI Router. 
  2. User can scan the QR code either from Paytm App or through any other 3rd party PSP app. 
  3. Paytm App Flow: 
    • If the user scans the Dynamic QR from Paytm App, the below payment options will be available to the user:
    • User then chooses a payment instrument and clicks on Pay. Pay API will be called using the PG MID of the merchant. 
    • Transaction is processed through Paytm PG and Notification is sent out to AI Router. 
  4. 3rd Party App flow: 
    • If the user scans the Dynamic QR from any 3rd Party PSP App, the UPI payment option will be invoked directly on the application. 
    • User then enters their MPIN / UPI-PIN to complete the transaction. 
    • The PSP App sends the transaction to its UPI switch and the UPI Switch sends the transaction to NPCI for processing. 
    • NPCI processes the transaction and sends the response back to both PA's UPI switch as well as PSP's UPI Switch. 
    • The transaction status is updated on the PSP App as well as the PA. 
    • The Payment Gateway sends the callback to the AI Router. AI Router then sends the status to the merchant. 
  5. Merchant can call the AI Router's Transaction Status API to verify the final status of the payment. 
  6. AI Router returns the final payment status to the merchant and the merchant's app / browser will display it to the user.