API Integration Overview


To start accepting payments through Super Router, there are following API Integrations that the merchant needs to perform: 


Flow Description API Integration
Transactional Flow By integrating with Super Router's transactional API, you can perform end-to-end transaction in the Super Router's Checkout page, which will in turn route the transaction to a suitable payment gateway for completing the payment.
Transaction Status or Webhooks

You can check the status of a transaction by making an API call through our Transaction Status API. This API gets the transaction status corresponding to requested OrderId or Transaction id for a specific merchant. 
You can check the payment status with ease. Super router sends a server-to-server (S2S) response in key-value pairs on the webhook configured and on the callback URL. Payment Success Webhook response is sent for the final transaction status i.e. success or failure. Webhook for payment status can be configured from the merchant dashboard.


Refund Flows You can also initiate payment refunds via APIs by integrating with Router's refund APIs