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Payment Analytics from Paytm for Business

With Payment Analytics by Paytm for Business, you can now benefit from ready-made payment reports and proprietary data to make data-backed decisions, eliminating guesswork & hunches. With Payment Analytics you get access to insights you’ve never had before. With its easy-to-use reports about payment sources, payment flows, and customers, you can stay on top of the primary business activities. Customer segmentation, retention, or payment success rate, you get deeper insights that will help you make technical improvements and define a better marketing strategy.


Payment Analytics offers three modules:

  • Payment Source Analytics
  • Customer Analytics
  • Payment Flow Analytics

Payment Source Analytics

Payment Source Analytics enables you to:

  • Get insights into how different payment instruments perform
  • Check the success rate trends using filters for card networks, issuers, and other banks
  • Understand reasons for payment failures and get recommendations to resolve them

In the following demo video, we will demonstrate how you can leverage Payment Source Analytics:


Customer Analytics

Customer Analytics enables you to: 

  • Check the trending overview of new, repeat, and lost customers for any specific period
  • Look at a segmented view of your customers through the Recency-Frequency-Monetary (RFM) analysis to take personalised marketing actions

In the following demo video, we will demonstrate how you can leverage Customer Analytics:


Payment Flow Analytics

Payment Flow Analytics enables you to: 

  • Check the details of success rate fluctuations at the platform level (Android, iOS, etc.) and channels (app or web) level
  • Assess the list of most popular devices used by customers in terms of revenue contribution and success rate performance

In the following demo video, we will demonstrate how you can leverage Payment Flow Analytics: