Growing your Audience with Mini Apps

How do I increase traffic to my Mini App?

There are multiple avenues for you to make optimum use of the Mini App platform and drive more traffic to your Mini App. Some of these are listed below :

  1. Search meta tags : The discoverability of your app can be improved through search meta tags that our team can add on our backend. You can reach out to your Paytm SPOC for more info, or reach out to us on for more information on adding meta tags. 
  2. The Mini App QR Code : Social Media, Order Communication Messages, Newspapers, Flyers, Menus, Billboards, Digital Paid Ads, or even on your Product itself - the opportunities to use your QR and expand your reach are endless! You can also run special offers on QR scan, where users coming through offline QR scans can have special landing pages on your Mini App.

    Your Mini App QR codes have a tracking param that allow you to make optimum use and make decisions based on robust analytics data.

    Besides this, you can even link your Mini App to QR codes being used anywhere in the flow of your users’ journey, to bring the users to your Mini App! Once the QR is linked, and scanned using the Paytm QR Scanner, the user will directly be led to your Mini App, to place an order, browse through your catalogue, or even just to explore your Mini App.

    Once your app goes live, you may get in touch with your Paytm SPOC to get your trackable Mini App QR or send us your QR pattern for Mini App linking on
  3. Smartlinks : With a large spectrum of use cases, Smartlinks are one of the most useful tools to take users to your Mini App. These can be used on your Social Media channels, order communication messages, CRM communication, newsletters, user communication channels, and on digital paid ads. These smartlinks can also be tracked thereby giving you robust analytics for improving your marketing communication and campaigns.
  4. Promotional campaigns 
    1. Merchant Funded Cashbacks : Cashbacks give your users that additional incentive to transact on your Mini App. Once the user completes the transaction on your Mini App, the cashback is funded automatically back to his Paytm wallet. These cashbacks can be funded by the merchants to get additional visibility and traction through our Cashback section.

      To know more about cashbacks and campaigns, you can reach out to your Paytm SPOC or send us a mail on
    2. Paytm Exclusive offers : Exclusive offers would be applicable only for users who transact through your Mini App. These offers are listed as ‘tags’ on your Mini App icon, or as banners on our storefront.  An example would be a flat discount that is applicable only for Mini App users.
    3. Best offers Section : If your offer is one of a kind, and is extremely valuable for our users, the growth team at Paytm Mini Apps will pick it up and promote at additional properties, thereby driving more traffic to you. 
    4. Paid promotions : While all other promotional campaigns are more organic in nature, you can target a specific cohort of Paytm users through Paytm Ads and exclusive promotional campaigns that drive the relevant traffic to your Mini App. For more information on this, please send us a mail on
  5. Retention and Retargeting : You can bring your user back into the funnel using various avenues, based on their order status. This could be through the Notifications API, or through messages (SMS) that are triggered to the user’s number if he cancels his order, or leaves items in his cart. Smartlinks can be combined with user communication messages to lead the user back to your Mini App with a single click. The QRs on your product help bring the user back to your Mini App for reordering, as well as if he wishes to leave a feedback on your product.