Payout Integration Guide

Paytm Payouts is feature-rich and simple to use payout service that enables businesses to send money to recipients in their wallets or directly in their bank accounts using Paytm dashboard or APIs.

Note: Paytm Payouts is available only to enterprise customers. Get in touch to request access to Paytm Payouts.

Supported Payment Modes

Payment Mode Description
Paytm Wallet This is to send money to user's Paytm wallet and only allowed if user is either min KYC or full KYC.
Paytm Sub Wallets Food Wallet, Gift Wallet, Allowance Wallet, Fuel Wallet etc.
Bank Account Ability to transfer to any bank account using the account number and IFSC code. Currently we support IMPS, NEFT and Smart Transfer.
Paytm Gold Gift your employees/business partners gold this festive season.

How it works

  1. Add funds to the Funding Account using IMPS/NEFT/RTGS.
  2. Create sub-accounts also known as Disbursal Accounts to organize funds and secure any manual payments.
  3. Start making payments using Paytm Dashboard or APIs.


Funding Account

This is an account provided to every business and has a unique account number and IFSC code. You can use these account details to transfer money to this funding account.


Disbursal Account

This is a sub-account that can be created from Paytm Dashboard. You can create any number of disbursal accounts. You can transfer funds to disbursal account from funding account and you can also claim back funds from disbursal accounts into funding account.

Disbursal accounts help to:

  • Organize your funds - Example: As a business, you can create different disbursal accounts for different departments and purposes and transfer funds per assigned budgets.
  • Secure your payments - Every disbursal account comes with built-in maker-checker functionality. You can assign access to different users to make payments and to approve these payment requests.

Note: Approvers will only need to approve payments done from Paytm Dashboard. Payments done using APIs do not need additional approvals.
Payments cannot be done from the funding account directly for security reasons. It can only be done from disbursal accounts.

Overview of payment processing using APIs

  1. Merchant transfers money to Funding Account. Account number and IFSC code details are available on Paytm Dashboard.

  2. Merchant logs in Paytm Dashboard to ensure fund availability and transfer funds to Disbursal Account to be used for making payments.

  3. Use Bank Transfer API or Wallet Transfer API to initiate a payment request. Checksumhash is required for making payment request to ensures that the request wasn't tampered in transit.

    Note: API keys to generate/verify checksumhash are available on Paytm dashboard. Also, please work with our Merchant Integration team to make sure your IPs are whitelisted.

  4. Paytm will validate the request and initiate payment if the validation is successful.

  5. Once the payment is complete, status is posted on the merchant provided callback URL in the payment request.

    Note: Please work with our Merchant Integration team and your network team to make sure our public IPs are whitelisted on your network in order to receive callback request.

  6. Verify checksumhash received in response to ensure response wasn't tampered and verify the status with Disbursal Status API.

  7. Paytm returns the payment status in API response.

  8. Verify and record payment status in your system.


Find the detailed interaction of each system component in the flowchart below:


Once the test payments are complete in the staging environment, move your code to live environment with production account details. Note that production accounts details are available on Paytm Dashboard. As mentioned above, please make sure that IP whitelisting rules are in place before going live.

In case of any issues with integration, please get in touch.

Addition of Reversal Webhook

Paytm Payouts now provides webhook for listening the order status when a reversal takes place, you can integrate the same by visiting the link to perform your house-keeping jobs in your organisation.

Overview of Account APIs

Paytm is now providing APIs to its merchant to be used for their funding and disbursal needs . Once you have signed up at our merchant site, you will be able to use the following APIs as per your usecase.

API Name Description
Account List This API is used to fetch the details (balance, guid) of funding account and all disbursal accounts
Add Funds This API is used to add funds to disbursal accounts/subwallet from main funding account
Claim Back Funds This API is used to claim back funds from disbursal accounts/subwallet to main funding account
Bank Account Validation This API is used to validate beneficiary details with small amount transfer from merchant wallet to beneficiary account
Account Passbook This API provides the transactional level details and the closing balance per transaction. Merchants can use this API for their reconciliation needs.
Order List Report This API can be used by the merchant to fetch the order level details for a given sub-wallet for a respective date range