Payment Gateway - Test Instruments

This page explains the test instrument details which you can use to attempt a transaction on the staging environment. For card and netbanking transactions, you will be redirected to a Paytm maintained page. Here you will have an option to make the transaction successful or failed. This is to provide a comprehensive integration experience.


Card Number Any Visa or Master Card
Expiration Month & Year Any Future month and Year
CVV 123
Mobile Number 77777 77777
Password Paytm12345
Doesn’t require 2nd factor authentication
Bank Name
List of banks available here

Select your UPI app

  1. Choose Paytm UPI Test App on Paytm PG cashier page.
  2. The Test application will open. Select required UPI app response.
    1. Success: Transaction Successful response will be sent.
    2. Failure(with reason): Transaction Failure response corresponding to the failure reason will be sent.

Enter your UPI ID (Collect)

  1. Enter vpa 7777777777@paytm on Paytm PG cachier page.
  2. Open Paytm Test UPI App.
  3. Enter the VPA ID used to fetch order details.
  4. Choose the required UPI app response for the request.
    1. Pay: Enter any mPIN and the success response is sent.

    2. Decline: Collect request is declined and fail response is sent.

    3. Request Timeout: Request is time-out and the fail response is sent.

Note: In case you are testing on production environment, use live paymode details to complete the transaction. Once the transaction is successful, you can initiate refund from the dashboard.