UPI Solution FAQs

UPI Collect

  1. Is it possible to link multiple bank accounts to one VPA?-

    Yes. This is possible. The same VPA can be linked to different bank accounts. 

  2. If I have an existing VPA can I link the same to a new app?+
  3. Will my VPA expire if I do not use it?+
  4. Is any other bank account information required if you are using VPA? +
  5. How to create UPI Number?+
  6. Is it mandatory to create a UPI Number?+
  7. Can a user map a single UPI Number with multiple VPAs?+
  8. Can a user have multiple UPI Numbers for a single VPA?+
  9. What are the conditions to modify the UPI Number mapping?+
  10. Can we deregister a UPI Number?+