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    • Standard EMI/ No Cost EMI
    1. What are the checkout flows on which standard EMI payment mode is supported?-

      Standard EMI as a payment mode is available in all checkout flows. For enabling EMI payment mode, please get in touch with us here.

    2. Is EMI subvention i.e. no cost EMI supported on JS checkout?+
    3. Is EMI subvention i.e. no cost emi supported on app invoke solution?+
    4. What is the difference between amount and item based subvention, please specify with an example. +
    5. I am not able to get the EMI as a payment option on my checkout page. How can I resolve this issue?+
    6. Is debit card EMI supported?+
    7. How are the subvention plans configured for my mid?+
    8. How is the interest rate charged by bank gratified to the user in no cost EMI plans?+
    9. What is needed to be provided for giving no cost EMI plan for making payment by the user?+
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