Gifting gold has never been easier

Paytm now provides a fast, convenient & transparent way for you to gift 24K Gold digitally to your employees, partners or customers

Paytm Gold benefits for corporates

  • Flexibility

    Gift any value of gold to a recipient

  • Speed

    Instant gratification to multiple recipients

  • Reliability

    No leakages or logistics issues

  • Economical

    Cheaper than traditional gold gifting

  • Analytics

    Reports for easy tracking

Paytm Gold benefits for employees

  • Convenience

    Buy, sell, gift gold digitally starting Re 1

  • Trust

    24K 99.99% pure gold from MMTC-PAMP

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    Global market linked real-time gold prices

  • Security

    Gold storage in 100% insured lockers

  • Delivery

    Option to get gold delivered starting from 0.5g coin

All your questions answered

  • Corporates
  • Employees
  • How can we sign up for gold gratification?
    Click on contact us on Our representative will reach out to you to explain, demonstrate and discuss the on-boarding process.
  • How can we send gold to our partners?
    Once onboarded as corporate, you will be able to send gold instantly anytime anywhere with click of button through an intuitive dashboard.
  • What all my partners can do with Paytm Gold?
    Your partners can sell, gift or get delivery of this gold anytime anywhere using their paytm account. They can easily manage their gold balance by going to gold section on paytm app or
  • Are there any taxes applicable on gold purchase & transfer and if yes, how much?
    There is 3% GST applicable for gold purchase and invoice will be issued to buyer against same for any tax implications. No taxes are applicable on gold transfer.
  • How do Gold prices get decided?
    Paytm Gold prices are internationally linked london bullion market prices for 24 Karat 9999 fine gold and updated on real time basis. Prices include 3% GST as regulated by Govt. of India applicable on purchase of gold whereas sale of gold does not attract tax.
  • How can I check my gold balance?
    You can check & manage your gold balance by following below steps:
    1. Login to paytm app or
    2. Click on gold icon on home page & go to locker
    3. You will be able to see your updated gold balance in locker.
  • How will I know whether my corporate has sent the gold?
    You will receive SMS & notifications whenever corporate sends you gold with all details. You can also go to gold locker directly on paytm app or website & check the details in transactions summary.
  • What can i do with my gold balance?
    You can use gold for various purposes:
    1. Buy more gold online on paytm with few taps and build your locker balance for future needs
    2. Sell your gold anytime anywhere & get money added to your bank account instantly.
    3. Get it delivered to your doorstep in form of coins/bars
    4. Gift your gold to your friends or family instantly.
  • Where is my gold stored & how can i get it delivered?
    Your gold is safely stored in 100% insured lockers with MMTC-PAMP at free of cost. You can also get this gold delivered to your doorstep from "Get Delivery" option under gold category on aytm, in forms of coins & bars.
  • Do I need to pay any tax on gold received from my corporate?
    You don't need to pay any taxes on gold received from corporate as tax has already been paid by your corporate.

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