Use Paytm Payouts to instantly send money to
bank accounts or wallets securely

Multiple payout options

Multiple Payout Options

Make payouts to Bank Accounts, UPI handles, Paytm Wallets, Digital Gold, Gift vouchers cashback vouchers

Powerful APIs

Powerful APIs

Automate with Robust & Easy to integrate APIs which works with every environment 

Powerful Dashboard

Powerful Dashboard

Track & Manage funds through our dashboard with real-time updates & notifications 

Account Validation

Account Validation

Validate bank accounts, UPI IDs and wallets via automated APIs instantly before making payments

Works round the clock

Works round the clock

Business never stops with 24*7 payouts. Works on bank holidays as well. 

Paytm Advantage

Paytm Advantage

Single platform Exclusive Wallet, UPI & Bank ecosystem to ensure instant, safe & secure transactions 

How it works

Step 1

Add funds to your funding account using NEFT.

add funds to account

Step 2

Create disbursal account. Disbursal accounts are an easy way to organise funds for disbursal.

Create disbursal account

Step 3

Start disbursing the funds now !

Start disbursing the funds
Payout Options
Financial Services
Financial Services Make instant loan disbursals, pay claims or refunds easily using Paytm Payouts.
Ride Hailing
Ride Hailing Drive incentive payouts, fuel payouts and referral bonuses
E-commerce Instant Refunds & Vendor Payouts
Gaming Automate winnings, refunds and customer acquisition
Brand Promotion
Brand Promotion Use Wallets, UPI, Bank accounts, cashcodes, gold for key customer acquisition
Channel Partner Payouts
Channel Partner Payouts Automate & schedule Partner payouts, Incentive programs & refunds

What makes us different

Exclusive Wallet

Exclusive Paytm wallet APIs with largest proprietary merchant base

Largest VPA

Paytm has the highest number UPI handles & transactions

PPBL Account

With a base of 50 million + unique bank accounts and growing

API integration

Easiest APIs to integrate

(TBD)Direct Bank Payouts

Enjoy payouts directly from your Current Account, Integrate banking APIs and manage your everyday transactions with ease

powerful dashboard for dispersing funds

Stable & Secure

Highest success ratio of transactions

Single panel for everything

Unified platform for all types of payouts & collections from Paytm Unlimited

Ecosystem Privileges

Manage your entire business with Paytm with Current Accounts, Collections, Payouts and business expenses

Transfer beyond funds

Enjoy payouts through Paytm Gold, Cashcodes, Utilty bill payments, purchases through Paytm Mall


No upper cap on TPS increase as your volume grows