All-in-One SDK

Build the Future of Your Business with Faster Payments.
All in One SDK All in One SDK All in One SDK
All in One SDK
All in One SDK
All in One SDK
All in One SDK
We just made accepting payments as fast, hassle-free & easy as possible.
No Redirections
No Integrations
No Complexities
Just one Power-Packed SDK for super-fast & secure payments.
Built to Save Time & Get You Paid Swiftly.
Express Checkout
Express Checkout
Fewer and easier payment steps mean a superb express checkout experience – guaranteed.
Lighter & Faster
Lighter & Faster
A simple, light SDK that sits in your mobile comfortably, without taking up much space.
Seamless Experience
Seamless Experience
Gives your customers an end-to-end experience within the app itself. No redirections.
Multiple Payment Accepted
Multiple Payment Accepted
Accepts payments from all sources - including UPI, Net Banking, Saved Cards, Paytm Bank Wallet & Postpaid too.
Easy Integration
Easy Integration
Integrates with your existing business app like breeze, without needing much coding at all.
One-Time Setup
One-Time Setup
A one-time integration set-up is all you need. All new modification are updated on their own.
Top Merchants using All-in-One SDK
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3 Reasons Why Express Checkouts Work
Accept Payments
Accept Payments
Accept Payments Easily
A whole host of easy ways to accept payments, also allowing customers to set the types of payment they prefer.
Digital Wallets
UPI Accounts
Saved Cards
Hassle-Free Login
An active Paytm app session is all your customers need to complete their payment easily. The PIN is accepted instantly. No hassles of OTP login and toggling between screens.
Hassle Free
Hassle Free
Super-Fast Checkouts
Super-Fast Checkouts
Our largest Indian repository of 250 million saved cards, 100M saved bank accounts and 15M UPI IDs helps customers across the country use their saved UPI handles for super-fast checkouts.
How does All-in-One SDK work?
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Flexi Payments
Flexi Payments
Set any payment sequence as you like, choosing from single or multiple payment options.
Settlements in Real Time
You see it, you get it. As soon as your customer has paid, you receive an instant credit to your merchant account.
Flexi Payments
Best Transaction Success Rate
One click Payment Experience on the Paytm App increases success rate.
Subscriptions & Bank Offers
Payment for subscription based services? Third-party bank offers on festivals? We’ve got it covered too.
Developer Friendly
Developer Friendly
Integrates quickly and easily with a range of Android or iOS apps on your phone - whether business or personal.
Hybrid Apps
Goes with Hybrid Apps
Paytm All-in-one SDK supports a host of platforms like Ionic, React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, Cordova.
It takes a lot to Stay Fast
How All-in-One SDK works
Customer adds goods & services on your app.
Selects Paytm as a Payment Method
Paytm App overlays with Express Checkout View
Customer Enters Second Factor Authentication
Transaction is Successfully Completed
Frequently Asked Questions
Will Paytm ask the user to log in once the All-In-One SDK is invoked?

If the user is logged into their Paytm App, this flow will utilize their session of the Paytm App, i.e., the device on which they use the merchant App. If the user is not logged in, Paytm will invoke the Paytm App login page first. After the login is successful, Paytm will invoke the Paytm All-In-One SDK.

On iOS, if the user has a Paytm App on their device and is logged in, the Paytm App will get invoked. On Android devices, it will open like a half screen slider.

How do I handle UPI based taxations on Paytm All-In-One SDK?

UPI Journey will support the following UPI channels:

i. UPI Collect flow.

ii. UPI Push flow, i.e., intent flow.

iii. UPI Push Express flow, i.e., users will be able to see their saved VPA (UPI Handles) that they maintain with Paytm. This transparency helps support faster checkout.

UPI Pin is accepted on this same flow avoiding the need to toggle between the Apps.

If a user does not have a UPI Handle setup, Paytm allows the user to set up a @paytm UPI Handle by fetching a list of their bank accounts and complete seamless onboarding.

This flow also allows you to restrict the Payment method to UPI only as per your requirement and not show the other payment methods.

i. If you want to enable UPI as the only pay mode, pass the below parameters within Initiate Transaction API.

The Paytm All-In-One SDK supports UPI Intent capability in Android devices, or if Paytm is opened in a web view. It is not endorsed with the iOS Operating System both in the case of App/mobile web.

Is UI customisable with Paytm All-In-One SDK?

No, the UI for Paytm All-In-One SDK is not customizable. The Paytm App is what gets invoked, so you cannot customize the experience yet.

Suppose a merchant integrates the Paytm All-In-One SDK in the Android app but opens the payment page/ cashier page in a Web View. Will the All-In-One SDK be supported in this scenario?

Yes, the merchant can invoke the Paytm All-In-One SDK from a merchant app web-view. Merchants can pass the control from m-web to their App using Javascript and then invoke All-In-One SDK.

If the Paytm App is not available on a user's device, Paytm redirects the user to a web view. Would UPI Intent be supported in that case?

Yes, if the merchant has integrated the Paytm All-In-One SDK, and the consumer does not have the Paytm App, the SDK will support UPI Intent on redirection to web-flow.

Is Paytm All-In-One SDK supported through m-web?

Paytm will support the Android and iOS integration with the merchants' Android and iOS App. However, it will not extend support with the mobile site.

What is a Merchant Gift Voucher (MGV) Program? Does All-In-One SDK support MGV?

MGV is a loyalty program for merchants via which customers buy merchant-specific gift vouchers and pay the merchant via the voucher. Merchant Gift Vouchers enable Paytm customers to sell seamlessly on the Paytm platform across merchants by purchasing these MGVs for themselves.

If the user has a balance>0 for any merchant, MGV will be the first payment option shown to the user on the checkout page. Paytm will select MGV by default in case of sufficient balance, and in case of insufficient credit, MGV will be greyed out to show the user any available balance in it. The user will not be able to club MGV as a payment mode in Add and Pay, or Hybrid payment mode.

Yes, the Paytm All-In-One SDK supports MGV.

How will Paytm Assist work on the Paytm All-In-One SDK?

Paytm Assist is already integrated within the All-In-One SDK. For Card and Net Banking transactions, when the bank will send an OTP for verification, Paytm Assist will auto-read the OTP and allow the user to submit it with one tap (or the Auto-Submit option) on the screen.

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All in one place, to get your payments in place.
Integrate Paytm All-In-One SDK To Give Your Customers The Best Seamless Native Payment Experience
Paytm All-In-One SDK is a simple to integrate, lightweight SDK that gives customers the best native payment experience by showing Paytm Saved Instruments in an express checkout format within the merchant app. This is an All-In-One SDK based integration, which opens as a half sheet overlay in android devices like an android SDK and full screen in iOS devices as an iOS SDK.
Flows within the Paytm All-In-One SDK:
1. Invoke Flow - When you have installed the Paytm App.
2. Redirection Flow - When you have not installed the Paytm App, Paytm SDK will open in the web view to process your transaction.
How Paytm SDK Works?
Step 1 - Customer adds goods & services on the merchant app and selects Paytm as the payment method.
Step 2 - The Paytm App with an express checkout view opens on the Merchant App.
Step 3 - Customer enter details for second-factor authentication. Example: MPIN in case of UPI, OTP in case of card payments.
Step 4 - Post authentication the transaction is complete.
The Paytm All-In-One SDK provides a seamless experience of avoiding Mobile number OTP login by utilizing the user’s Paytm App session on the same device. In case a user is not logged in, it invokes the Paytm App and automatically prompts them to log in. In case the Paytm App is not available, it redirects the user to the m-web view to log in to Paytm.
The Benefits Of Using Paytm SDK:
1. No other Payment aggregator in the market offers such a wide range of internal and external payment options, including wallet, payments bank, saved cards, postpaid, and more.
2. No other payment gateway has these many saved cards in their customer repository. Saved cards improve payment success rate by 6-8%.
3. Paytm offers App based updates on the Payment Gateway page so that merchants do not have to upgrade the Paytm All-In-One SDK time and again (only one-time integration required).
4. Supports the bottom sheet view as android SDK so that your experience is smooth and the flow does not appear to be switching apps on your device.
The Most Important Features of Paytm All-In-One SDK:
You can capitalize on the Paytm App's vast logged in customer base.
Avoids OTP based login flow.
Using this SDK, you can access saved cards on Paytm. The Paytm repository consists of about 250 Mn+ saved cards.
Increased overall success rate(~3% and upwards).
The reduced transaction time for saved instruments due to no login requirement (32% less time).
Supports UPI as a UPI SDK & UPI push to enter UPI PIN during transaction flow without switching apps.
Supports UPI onboarding during the transaction flow.
Supports UPI intent flow, with access to the 100Mn+ saved VPA repository of Paytm. These are all configurable features that Paytm can enable based on your requirement.
You can also integrate the above if you have a Subscription Payment model.
Android SDK support for hybrid apps - Ionic, Flutter, Xamarin, and React Native.