Bank Offers

Drive Sales Through The Roof For Your Online Business

Engage new & existing customers while converting your online store visitors into loyal customers with Paytm’s Bank Offers Solution.
Bank Offers
Give Out Discounts & Cashbacks To Gain More Business
Watch transactions on your online store
Watch transactions on your online store soar
Attract more prepaid orders
Attract more prepaid orders on your online store
Build customer loyalty
Build customer loyalty to gain more regular customers
Enable Convenience for your Customers With A Single-Click
Enable Convenience for your Customers
credit-card Compliant
Show all configured bank offers to your customers at one place on your Website or App
check-mark check-mark
Give access to all applicable bank offers to your customers on all the saved payment methods on Paytm
List all available offers
How Paytm’s Bank Offers Solution Works?
List all available offers
List all available offers to the users on your business website or app
Show users all the applicable bank offers
Show users all the applicable bank offers against each chosen or saved payment source
chooses their preferred payment source
The user compares & chooses their preferred payment source to make the payment
Post authentication
Post authentication, the payment is processed and the user is redirected back to the order confirmation page
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Frequently Asked Questions
Is the Bank Discounts & Cashback Offers feature supported on all checkout solutions powered by Paytm?

Yes, the Bank Discounts & Cashback Offers feature is supported on all checkout flows, i.e., Custom Checkout, App Invoke, JS Checkout, and Standard Checkout.

Is it necessary to configure the offers on the merchant's side?

No, merchants can fetch all offers configured with Paytm.

Do you support both instant discounts and cashback?

Yes, we support both discounts and cashback. Either of these can be configured in a campaign.

Does Paytm bear the benefit/ gratification amount?

No, businesses/banks bear the gratification cost. Paytm only helps in processing the gratification while completing the transaction.

Is this a paid service?

No, right now this service is absolutely free. Paytm does not charge anything extra for this service/integration.

Is it necessary to integrate 'Fetch All Offers', 'Apply Promo', and 'Fetch BIN Details' APIs, if I have already integrated Paytm's native/custom checkout solution to process bank offers?

It depends. These APIs need to be integrated only in custom checkout’s first integration type, wherein validation of offers happens before the payment is made. Otherwise, in no other solution, they are required. Please note that 'Fetch All Offers' API is anyway an optional API. It is your choice, whether you want to integrate this API or not, and has nothing to do with the payment gateway integration type.

How can I configure an offer?

You just need to share campaign details with the respective KAM or our integration team. Or our team can also configure your campaigns through the Merchant Dashboard. You can check more details here:

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