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Improve Premium Collection, Reduce Policy Lapses & Increase Sales
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Collect Insurance Premiums with ease with Paytm All-in-One Payment Solutions

All payment
All payment methods supported. Credit/Debit card, Net Banking, UPI, Wallet, EMI, Post-paid, Bank Transfers
BBPS System
Enablement via Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) across multiple consumer apps
Easy premium
Easy recurring premium collection via SI on Credit Card, eNACH Mandate & UPI Autopay
Support offline
Support for offline collection modes via EDC Machines, QR code.
easier renewal
Payment Links and Dynamic QR for easier renewal experience
Increase sales
Increase sales reach via The Paytm Mini App Store
Benefits That are Front & Center.
Insurance renewals
Insurance renewals on the go
With multiple online and offline pay modes that Paytm offers, the end consumers gets the flexibility to choose from different options for their insurance premium payment.
Extended reach with BBPS
Via BBPS, merchants can get onboarded for renewal premium collection across multiple 3rd party customer facing applications in no time.
Extended reach with BBPS
Avoid policy lapses
Avoid policy lapses or churns
Through Integration on Paytm App, Insurance companies can choose to send notifications to their policy holders on Paytm App which helps in easy and quick payment of renewal premium thereby reducing policy lapses.

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Deliver A Great Customer Experience
Freedom of Choice
Freedom of Choice
Customers can choose from a variety of options to pay their insurance premiums. Paytm provides the widest range of payment solutions from Credit Card, Debit Card, NetBanking, UPI, Wallet, EMI and Post-paid, eNach mandates, as well as UPI Autopay.
Premium Payments
Premium Payments Anytime, Anywhere
Insurance company representatives can generate payment links or dynamic QR codes, anytime they speak to customers and share via email or SMS for customer's convenience to renew or purchase new plans.
Paytm & Other Wallets
Insurance companies can get onboarded as a BOU with BBPS via Paytm, which enhances their reach and gives their customers the option to pay using any wallet of their choice.
Deliver A Great Customer Experience
Large Payment Collection
Increase ease of investment and reconciliation through quick fund realization via Bank Transfers.
Large Payment Collection Bank Transfers
Subscriptions eNACH & UPI
Automate collection through eNACH Mandate and UPI Autopay with the best success rates.
Frequently Asked Questions
Why should a General Insurance Company, Life Insurance Company, and Standalone Insurance Aggregators opt for the Paytm All-In-One Payments solution suite?

Paytm All-In-One Payments is the preferred partner for payment solutions for Insurance providers. The Paytm All-In-One Payments Solution Suite is a combination of different payment solutions by Paytm, specifically engineered keeping in mind the challenges faced by the Insurance industry for collecting premium payments, reducing policy churn, and improving sales.

Did Paytm for Business do any research specific to the General Insurance, Life Insurance & Standalone Insurance industry before creating this suite?

Yes. The Paytm All-In-One Payments solution suite was designed after in-depth research into the customer mindset and expectations for insurance premium payments. The suite is thus a complete solution to what insurance customers need today.

Does the suite include the Paytm All-In-One Payment Gateway?

Yes, along with a gamut of other features and benefits that help insurance providers differentiate their services from others, the suite includes the Paytm All-In-One Payment Gateway.

What if an insurance customer wants to set up auto-debits?

No problem. Using the subscription services for recurring payment collection, insurance providers using the Paytm All-In-One Payments solution suite can simply set up eNach mandate or UPI Autopay, giving the customer what they want, while also ensuring regular premium payment collection.

What is BBPS onboarding via Paytm?

Paytm All-In-One Payments is one of the few service providers with the capability to onboard an insurance provider to the Bharat Bill Payment System as a Business Operating Unit (BOU). Through this one integration, insurance providers become listed on all payment services present on BBPS along with those that have on-boarded the customer, when the customer chose to use their system or wallets. No separate agreements required.

Doesn’t Paytm just offer a wallet and a payment gateway? So, what is this suite?

Paytm All-In-One Payments is much, much, more than that, thanks to the love and faith of our Indian consumers and clients. The Paytm All-In-One Payments solution suite is a combination of multiple products, and the Paytm Wallet, as well as the Paytm All-In-One Payment Gateway, are just a small part of the complete suite.

What are offline pay modes?

As part of the Paytm All-In-One Payments solution suite, Insurance providers can give their customers the flexibility to make premium payments via cash at the various cash collection points set up by Paytm. Paytm All-In-One Payments also provides EDC machines for customers who wish to swipe their credit or debit cards physically.

What is the purpose of payment links and dynamic QR?

Collecting premium payments on-the-spot, during an in-person or virtual meeting with a customer, or during a telephone conversation becomes easier due to the same. The payment link or dynamic QR can be sent via SMS or email for premium payment collection through Net Banking, UPI (Unified Payment Interface), and more.

Any other benefits?

To keep customers engaged, Insurance providers can use the suite to send reminders and notifications to their customers. This helps improve timely premium payment collections and also improves business sales.

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What is Paytm All-In-One Payments Solution Suite for General Insurance, Life Insurance, And Other Providers and Aggregators?
The Paytm All-In-One Payments Solution Suite is a combination of payment solutions from Paytm, specifically engineered to help improve premium payment collection, reduce policy churn, and increase sales. The Paytm All-In-One Payments solution suite results from detailed research into customer preferences and behaviors based on trends worldwide. This suite has one of the fastest and easiest integrations. It provides a great degree of flexibility for insurance companies to deliver a great customer experience while remaining 100% compliant with regulator guidelines.
Features of Paytm All-In-One Payments Solution Suite for General Insurance, Life Insurance, and Standalone Insurance Aggregators
1. Payment Gateway – This suite's first feature is the highly successful Paytm All-In-One Payment Gateway, one of India's best payment gateways. This payment gateway is easy to integrate and is perfect for a general insurance company, life insurance company, and Insurance Aggregators. The payment gateway stands on a robust platform that can handle thousands of transactions without any issues.
2. Multiple Pay Modes – From credit and debit cards, Online Net Banking, Unified Payment Interface (UPI Payment), and even payments through different wallets via BBPS onboarding, you name it, and the suite has it ready for use.
3. Subscription Model – Generally, for all insurance customers who prefer to have their premium payments auto-debited from their personal Net Banking accounts, this is the perfect solution. The suite offers both UPI Autopay and eNach Mandate setup, which is much faster to set up than a regular Nach mandate with banks, taking up to three weeks. Paytm also has the best-in-industry success rates for debits made on time and without error.
4. Payment Links and Dynamic QR Generation – Representatives of general insurance, life insurance, and standalone insurance aggregators can quickly close on premium payment collection or a new sale by generating payment links or dynamic QR codes on-the-spot. Merchants can then share these via email or SMS to collect the payment and move things forward.
5. Onboarding to BBPS as BOU – Once any general insurance company or life insurance company is onboarded to the Bharat Bill Payment System (BBPS) as a Business Operating Unit (BOU), the integration of the insurance provider database is seamless. The BOU or insurance provider automatically gets listed on all payment service providers' databases, including wallets, so that a customer can choose their preferred payment service and find the insurance company listed to make their premium payments. Paytm is one of the few services that can onboard an insurance provider as a BOU.
6. Offline Payment Collection – With the Paytm All-In-One Payments solution suite, a general insurance company, a life insurance company, and standalone insurance providers get access to offline payment collection options. These include cash collection points and EDC machines, which can be sent to the customer's physical location to collect premium payments.
7. Notification and Reminders – Insurance providers who wish to keep their customers engaged throughout the month or year can send notifications and reminders to their customers through a suite feature.