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Custom UI SDK

Offer Quick & Easy Payments Experience with Paytm Custom UI SDK

Own the customer payments experience by customizing your checkout page & enable hassle-free transactions without OTP
Custom UI SDK
Seamlessly integrate your app or website with Paytm Custom UI SDK for a faster payment solution
Saved Cards
Allow Checkout with saved cards
Offer safe, frictionless and streamlined checkout process
User Accounts
Enable OTP-less linking of Paytm user accounts
Ensure hassle-free transactions with no dropouts or invalid OTPs
One-click Payments
Leverage VISA one-click payments
Ensure quicker workflow with one-click payments
A Payment Solution That Saves Time
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Shopping Experience
Ensure a smoother shopping experience
Experience a significant decrease in dropouts during checkout
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Hassle-free Checkout
Hassle-free checkout without OTPs
Let your customers easily link their Paytm account without the hassle of OTP during checkout
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Preferred Payment Methods
Offer customers their preferred payment methods
Let customers pay via their preferred payment method & increase conversions
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Enhance Customer Experience
Enhance customer experience with Native OTP
Zero redirects ensure a better experience allowing customers to enter bank OTP within your website/app without having to leave the page
Custom checkout and faster payment solution made for all businesses
From startups to large enterprises, accept payments & manage your business online with Paytm Custom UI SDK
Gaming & Entertainment
Easy to do payment for recurring subscriptions
Smooth operations, whether you have customers who dine-in or order at home
Logistics + Travel
End-to-end routing for efficient transactions
Why choose Paytm?
Saved Cards
250 million+ saved cards ensure faster checkouts

Offer a simpler and faster checkout experience for your customers.

Cut down on abandoned carts.

Success Rate
Success Rate
Enjoy a higher payment success rate with Paytm Wallet

450 million+ Paytm Wallet User

Multiple payment sources with best-in-class integration

Success Rate
All in one place, to get your payments in place.
About Paytm Custom UI SDK
Offer Quick & Easy Payments Experience with Paytm Custom UI SDK