Custom UI SDK

Offer Quick & Easy Payments Experience with Paytm Custom UI SDK

Own the customer payments experience by customizing your checkout page & enable hassle-free transactions without OTP
Custom UI SDK
Seamlessly integrate your app or website with Paytm Custom UI SDK for a faster payment solution
Saved Cards
Allow Checkout with saved cards
Offer safe, frictionless and streamlined checkout process
User Accounts
Enable OTP-less linking of Paytm user accounts
Ensure hassle-free transactions with no dropouts or invalid OTPs
One-click Payments
Leverage VISA one-click payments
Ensure quicker workflow with one-click payments
A Payment Solution That Saves Time
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Shopping Experience
Ensure a smoother shopping experience
Experience a significant decrease in dropouts during checkout
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Hassle-free Checkout
Hassle-free checkout without OTPs
Let your customers easily link their Paytm account without the hassle of OTP during checkout
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Preferred Payment Methods
Offer customers their preferred payment methods
Let customers pay via their preferred payment method & increase conversions
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Enhance Customer Experience
Enhance customer experience with Native OTP
Zero redirects ensure a better experience allowing customers to enter bank OTP within your website/app without having to leave the page
Custom checkout and faster payment solution made for all businesses
From startups to large enterprises, accept payments & manage your business online with Paytm Custom UI SDK
Gaming & Entertainment
Easy to do payment for recurring subscriptions
Smooth operations, whether you have customers who dine-in or order at home
Logistics + Travel
End-to-end routing for efficient transactions
Why choose Paytm?
Saved Cards
250 million+ saved cards ensure faster checkouts

Offer a simpler and faster checkout experience for your customers.

Cut down on abandoned carts.

Success Rate
Success Rate
Enjoy a higher payment success rate with Paytm Bank Wallet

300 million+ Paytm Bank Wallet User

Multiple payment sources with best-in-class integration

Success Rate
All in one place, to get your payments in place.
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Paytm Custom UI SDK
Paytm for Business is India’s most trusted solution provider of merchant-friendly payment solutions that aim to make business transactions hassle-free. It empowers the merchant by letting them choose from a diverse set of payment options that suit their business. With Custom UI SDK, Paytm All-In-One Payment Gateway lets merchants offer a completely customized user interface. It is also tailored to perfection to address unique business requirements. Thus, giving customers a unique channel to complete their transactions.
Paytm Custom UI SDK personalization allows you to choose the best, most relevant payment methods that suit your business. With options such as UPI, bank transfers, card payments, mobile wallets, and international payments, it is the key to reaching a larger customer base. This also encapsulates smart features to track payment and refund status, receipts, and more.
Paytm All-in-One Payments’ new Custom UI SDK module seamlessly integrates into your businesses’ mobile application or website. Online payment gateways face various challenges today. But with Paytm’s payment gateway, you can say goodbye to missed payments due to internet misconnections and compromised data security. Our solution allows customers to save their data in an encrypted format, thereby making every transaction secure and delay-free.
Our commitment to keeping customer data safe with PCI compliant software ensures complete safety of your customer’s financial and personal information. No redirection and no OTP generation for Paytm account linking; every payment is just one click away. This means increasing your business’ potential to make more sales is now possible with our dedicated system.
Custom UI SDK offers a variety of options to businesses by letting them customize the payment page according to their preferences and makes payments hassle-free for the customers. With Paytm All-In-One Payment Gateway, online businesses across categories, including e-commerce, food & beverage, education, finance, etc., can harness the power of Custom UI SDK.
Paytm Custom UI SDK is made with the intent to bring essential features to the fore. It helps make the transaction process more streamlined, allows potential customers to view their financial spends, savings & balance, provides a smooth and easy to understand payment interface, accepts international transaction payments, facilitates a faster checkout process, and offers support in multiple languages. With a diverse set of functionalities made customer-friendly, your business is sure to be considered a valuable part of the lives of your customers and in the growing economy.
With electronic transactions at the helm of today’s financial scenario, having a smart payment solution such as the Paytm Custom UI SDK is not just recommended but also essential. For every business that is growing, evolving, and scaling with a long term view, it is necessary to earn the confidence of its customers in its services, which is possible with Custo UI SDK.
With total customer security, one-click VISA payments, and minimal transaction times, Paytm’s Custom UI SDK provides a one-stop solution to upgrading your business and customer experience today.