Instant Refunds

Enable Zero Waiting Time with Instant Refunds

Enhance user experience with Instant Refunds & earn customer’s trust in your brand.
Instant Refunds

Why use Instant Refunds?

Merchants can credit refunds to the customer provided bank account instantly by enabling Instant Refunds on the Paytm All-in-One Payment Gateway.
Transfer refund

Transfer refunds instantly into your customer’s account.

Cut down waiting time

Cut down waiting time from 5 days to 1 minute.

Reduce customer escalations

Reduce customer escalations due to delayed refunds.

Reduce operational costs

Reduce operational costs by initiating bulk refunds.

Send bulk or individuals refunds with just a click

Here is a step-by-step guide on how an instant refund is processed.

  • Initiates a refund
  • Preferred refund destination
  • Bank account details
  • Processes the refund
  1. Customer initiates a refund
  2. Customer chooses his preferred refund destination - Bank Account or Original Payment Source
  3. Customer's bank account details will be collected and verified.
  4. Paytm processes the refund in customer's bank account
Initiates a refund
  1. Customer initiates a refund.
Preferred refund destination
  1. Customer chooses his preferred refund destination - Bank Account or Original Payment Source
Bank account details
  1. Customer's bank account details will be collected and verified.
Processes the refund
  1. Paytm processes the refund in customer's bank account
Instant Refunds

A Must-Have Payments Feature to Upgrade Your Business

Issue instant refunds for returns and cancellations in e-commerce, food delivery, e-ticket bookings for movies, concerts etc.
Retaining customers

Retaining customers

Enhance customer's refund experience and boost their loyalty.
Building the brand

Building the brand

Get this saavy and attractive refund feature and gain brand awareness.
Ease of use

Ease of use

Initiate instant refunds swiftly through Paytm dashboard or API.

Give the joy of Instant Gratification to Your Customers

Instant Gratification

Don't leave your customers in the dark about their refund money.

Provide hassle-free shopping experience to customers.

Customers at liberty to choose the destination account.

Tension Free Refund Process Emoji

Easy integration of Instant Refunds for merchants with Paytm dashboard & API enabling refunds for payments made through UPI, cards & netbanking.

Tension Free Refund Process

Foolproof process with eligibility checking through Transaction status API.

Integrate with Paytm dashboard or API and enable Instant Refund.

Details of the refund can be accessed through Refund Status API.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paytm Instant Refunds?

Paytm Instant Refunds are reverse transactions initiated by either the customer or the merchant where the refund amount requested is credited in the customer bank account within minutes. This is a superior refund experience than back to source refunds which may take 7-14 days to reflect in customer account depending on the payment method and bank used for making payment.

Note: An instant refund can only be created for a successful or settled transaction. Also, a merchant can initiate partial or complete instant refunds to your customer bank account.

Is Instant Refund available for all modes of payment?

Paytm supports instant refunds on debit/credit cards, net banking and UPI within a minute or two post-initiation. Refunds for orders paid via Paytm Wallet and Paytm Postpaid are always instant by default and made to the respective method.

Note: Instant refund for Credit Card transactions should be enabled with caution - you should prevent customers from availing free credit by cancelling orders and accepting refund in a bank account.

Can merchants also initiate refunds?

Yes, the merchant can initiate instant refund after checking the eligibility of the instant refund transaction. Generally, a merchant issues instant refund when the customer completes payments and the product is out of stock or not delivered.

Why is customer bank details collected to initiate Instant Refund?

The merchant requires the customer bank account number, IFSC code, and account holder name to deposit the refund amount in the preferred bank account of the customer instantly. It is in the customer interest to provide the correct details to avoid getting the refund deposited in a wrong/invalid account.

Is Instant Refund available on Paytm Wallet?

Refund initiated for payments made via Paytm Wallet is always credited back immediately in the customer wallet. An additional instant refund disbursal is not required.

Is there a processing fee on Instant Refunds?

Paytm charges a small fee for processing Instant Refunds, which is deducted from the Merchant's Balance. This fee is applicable because of the cost incurred by Paytm in processing refunds instantly to your customer's account. Get in touch to request access to an instant refund for your account.

Can all merchants use the Instant Refund feature?

Instant refund is only available to select enterprise merchants who have integrated online or in-app payments with Paytm for their Business. Get in touch to request access to an instant refund for your account.

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Enable Zero Waiting Time with Instant Refunds