Get FREE credits on GMV worth ₹6 lakhs*+ on Paytm Payment Gateway, Ads, Mini Apps and Banking.
Paytm For Startups

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Paytm for startups is a program designed specifically for early stage startups to help them leverage the best of Paytm products to grow their business.
Paytm for Startups
From 0 to 1. From 1 to 1,000 & beyond With Paytm for Startups
Accept digital payments on your website, app or through links with the Paytm All-In-One Payment Gateway
Take your brand to over 600 million+ Paytm registered users with Paytm Mini App and Paytm Ads
Experience truly digital banking with Paytm Payments Bank, India’s only mobile-first bank
Learn about the future of growth
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How to Choose the Best Payment Gateway for Your Startup
How to Choose the Best Payment Gateway
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Payments infrastructure and growth tools for your startup
Paytm All-In-One Payment Gateway
Paytm All-In-One Payment Gateway
  • Seamless and quick integration on your website or app to accept online payments instantly
  • Allow your customers to pay in their preferred modes - Paytm Wallet, UPI, cards, netbanking and more
  • Take your business global by accepting international payments from 200+ countries
Paytm Ads
  • Showcase your brand to 150M+ MAUs on Paytm Ecosystem : Paytm, Paytm for Business, Paytm Money and Paytm Mall
  • Bid for best OTT and News Room Inventory via Paytm Demand side Platform
  • Target custom audiences for your brand : Foodies, Music Lovers, Shoppers, Travellers & Financially Literate
Paytm Ads
Paytm Mini Apps
Paytm Mini Apps
  • Get your business discovered by 150M+ MAUs on Paytm Ecosystem
  • Leapfrog app installs for your business digital journery, drive commerce through India's largest Super App
  • Own your customer data and drive re-engagement based the customer journey in the purchase funnel
Paytm Payments Bank
  • Easy bulk transfers and reconciliation of payments from a powerful dashboard
  • Manage collections and payments for your business seamlessly with Paytm Bank Nodal Accounts
  • Zero balance and zero monthly charges on current account for businesses
Paytm Payments Bank
Startup Benefits
Get FREE credits on GMV worth ₹6 lakhs*+ on Paytm Payment Gateway, Ads, Mini Apps and Banking
Get ₹6 lakh worth of commission free payment acceptance for 6 months (₹1 lakh/ month)
Widest range of payment sources including Paytm wallet, Paytm Postpaid, Debit/Credit cards, Netbanking, UPI & more
Priority Support
Priority Support
Set up charges waived off
Maintenance charges waived off
T+1 default account settelments

*This is applicable for first time Payment Gateway customers.

* The startup should be registered with either a national or state level startup program (E.g: national or state level Incubator, Startup India, DPIIT etc.)

Developer-Friendly APIs

Intelligent Business Dashboard

Track payments in a single window

View daily bank settlements

Initiate refunds to your customers instantly

View user profiles & monthly growth suggestions

Developer-Friendly APIs

Secure every aspect of your business.

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Protect your reputation by securing your customers from fraud.

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Eliminate the burden of regulatory compliance for your business.

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Solutions adapt to the growing size & requirements of your business.

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24/7 Support

With deep expertise offers real solutions for optimising your business.

Success Stories


Lohit Gupta

Marketing Alliance

We are delighted to have paytm as our leading payment partner!
Paytm’s powerful dashboard provides end-to-end automated reconciliation and settlement reports. We also work together closely to provide innovative campaigns for our users.

Cure Fit

Kunal Chaurasia

Product Head

Outstanding success rates and speed of payments
Paytm has been the preferred Wallet & Payment gateway for day one. Their focus on improving the success rate & reducing the time to complete payments make them stand out.


Amit Grover

VP - Marketing

Swift integration with great support
Onboarding experience for Playship was good and the Paytm integration handled swiftly. What we like the most is that the integration team is supportive and responds quickly to technical queries.

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Choose The Most Reliable Online Payment Gateway For Your Startup
Online payments are an essential component to work out for startups. Since most startup ideas today exist in a digitized world, a reliable payment gateway can eliminate many of the troubles with sending and receiving money. Keeping this in mind, Paytm for Startups was launched as an exclusive payment partnership program to support startups. It primarily helps bootstrapped and growth-stage startups with various online business facets. When you sign up for the Paytm for Startups program, your startup business will get access to Paytm’s complete payment gateway product suite, including a host of payment options, insights and knowledge dashboard, user-related APIs, boosters, and other benefits.
The Payment Options
Paytm for Startups aims to make online payments as simple as possible for both merchants and customers. We understand that all startup ideas are different, with different requirements and preferences. That is why our payment suite offers a host of flexible and comprehensive payment solutions that you can integrate with your website or mobile app to collect payments.
1. All-In-One SDK – When you want to collect payments online from customers who have the Paytm app installed on their Android or iOS systems, the All-In-One SDK solution provides a fast checkout experience for customers. Also, it allows merchants to receive payments by invoking the app directly. Credit or debit cards saved on the app, net banking, UPI, Paytm payments bank, and Paytm Wallet payments will be accepted, thereby giving your customers a host of options.
2. JavaScript Checkout – For startups keen on customization and a high level of visibility of products, javascript checkout will allow you to start accepting payments from customers by just integrating your website or app with our Paytm All-In-One Payment Gateway.
3. Payment Links – If your startup/small business operates on social media platforms without a website or an app in place, Paytm’s payment links option will allow you to accept payments immediately via a payment link.
4. Mini Apps – You can also integrate Paytm using open source technologies like HTML and Javascript to reach as many as 150 million active users monthly on our app.
5. Payouts – In addition to accepting payments from customers, our Payouts option allows you to send money and incentives to employees, associates, or vendors. You can ultimately increase your success rate with Paytm Payout’s Smart Transfer feature.
6. Bank Account – For more traditional services, Paytm’s Payments bank offers all startups the services of a bank account.
The Benefits
Paytm for Startups is designed to support the real need of all startups in India. When you sign up for Paytm for Startups, you will get a range of benefits like:
1. Zero setup cost
2. No maintenance fees
3. A complete set of developer resources
4. Insights and knowledge dashboard
5. User flow-related API