Common Challenges in Online Payments & How to Overcome Them


These are exciting times for businesses that are using e-commerce as a part of their supply chain. With countless methods to pay online such as UPI, bank transfer, debit/credit card payments, mobile wallets, social payments, and real-time international payments, it has become easier to tap into a broader market.

However, with the benefits of the latest technologies, there are greater challenges as well. Despite the fast pace of technological innovations, every now and then, businesses come across unique challenges. Here are some of the most common challenges that a company may face in terms of online payments and a few tips to overcome them.

Low Internet bandwidth

No matter how advanced your virtual presence is, low internet bandwidth can be a major issue especially, if you use an integrated payment gateway without considering low internet speed in many areas across the country. Due to low internet bandwidth, the payment process can fail due to non-responsive servers. In many cases, slow internet results in the deduction of payment from the customer, but it does not reach the merchant.

How to overcome the low internet bandwidth issue?

The first thing you need to make sure is that your website, mobile app, and the payment gateway you are using can work seamlessly on slow internet. It is always better to have a ‘lite’ version of the website or app to ensure the connection uses lesser bandwidth. The idea should be once the customer clicks on the payment link, it should not take more than a few seconds to complete the payment process. Prefer to use a payment gateway like Paytm Payment Gateway that is easy to integrate into the app or website so that the user does not redirect to the payment gateway page. It will reduce the steps involved in purchasing and will help in countering the problem of slow internet.

Card data security

Online fraud and card payments related fraud are common in India, but since Covid-19 knocked the doors, the number of such cases increased exponentially. It is essential for e-commerce merchants to use a secure payment system with the least possibility of any data leak.

How to overcome data security issues?

The best way to ensure card data security is by using a payment gateway that has PCI Compliance. PCI is a set of regulations that all payment gateways have to follow to handle card payments. It encrypts the data and changes it into a series of random characters and numbers before it reaches your server. It means that you won’t be handling any personal or payment information yourself. The encrypted data is commonly known as a token, and it will be valid for a short period, making it challenging to crack. Getting PCI compliance on your payment system is expensive. Thus using an integrated system like Paytm Payment Gateway will be a wise and affordable choice.

Technical integration

When it comes to e-commerce, a business cannot run the website without a payment gateway integrated store. It helps in processing the online transactions from your website to your bank securely. Choosing the right payment gateway can be a challenging task. There are several aspects of the payment system that you have to think about. If the payment system supports multiple payment methods, then does it or does it not accept international payments, or is it PCI compliant or not among several others.

How to ensure payment gateway technical integration is correct?

Service providers like Paytm Payment Gateway have a dedicated team of technicians to provide support to developers and business owners for smooth integration of the payment gateway in their app and website. This team helps in deploying the integrations seamlessly. Thus it is essential to check with the service provider if they provide such support. Make sure to follow the instructions they provide for smooth integration.

International transaction

The internet has expanded the market even for small businesses. The merchant now has the benefit of dealing with international clients, thanks to advanced payment gateways such as Paytm payment gateway. When we compare the local transactions with International transactions, it can be slow and expensive. There are several aspects that the payment gateway should cover, such as banking norms, currency exchange, security, and so on.

How to smoothly process international payments?

It is better to partner with a trusted payment gateway that has an international payment gateway instead of developing your own. There are several advanced payment gateways options available for your website and app that reduces the time to complete a transaction and improve security.


It is understandable that even though e-commerce can increase sales exponentially, it is not always easy to have a dedicated system to run things smoothly. Hence, it is better to have a secure payment gateway integrated into the website or app to provide the best user experience for a better ROI. To know more about the offers in Paytm for business, please contact us.


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