How Can Merchants Leverage Faster Payments With Custom UI SDK?


Time is money, and in today’s age, where one has to save every possible second, it matters even more. A majority of the customers are ready to pay more if it saves time and protects their sanity. It gets quite irritating to wait for something when one can speed up the process. This is exactly how customers feel and, thus, complain while making online payments.

Most of the custom payment gateways first ask for permission from the customer to approach their bank. The bank then verifies the merchant every single time, no matter the transactions that have taken place before. It generates a unique OTP for the number registered with the bank via SMS. The customer then enters this code to complete the transaction.

The process takes its own sweet time to deposit the money in the merchant’s account. This process is long and time-consuming, especially when the customer wants to use the service multiple times or purchase something repeatedly. Further, many payment gateways lack several payment modes, making it harder for customers to choose the payment method of their choice.

What Is Paytm All-In-One Custom UI SDK, and how does it work?

Paytm has introduced a Custom UI SDK module for your business website or/and your application. Once the customer has added their bank details, Paytm saves them in an encrypted format. After this, whenever the customer wants to make a purchase, there is no redirection, OTP generation, or any wait and delay. The funds are transferred in a click from the customer’s account to the merchant’s account, absolutely hassle-free.

If the customer has the Paytm app on their device, Custom UI SDK will connect to it and complete the transaction using the previously saved payment information. In case the customer does not have the Paytm app, the system will use a secure webpage to complete the transaction. In any case, the customer will save time compared to other payment gateways.

Payment transactions via Paytm Custom UI SDK are quick, extremely secure, safe, and seamless every single time. Paytm also generates a unique ID for every transaction or purchase made. It helps you keep exact track of your orders and even make any complaints or refund process equally quick and easy!

Benefits for the merchants

Using the Custom UI SDK comes with a lot of benefits. Other than reducing the transaction time, which is indeed one of the major complaints in online transactions, there are other benefits for the merchants. With Custom UI SDK integration into the business app and website, the merchant can customize the payment page to appear like it’s part of their payment system and it will also work as an in-house payment gateway.

Such systems provide a sense of trust and help to gain the confidence of the customers. Paytm has a dedicated team to facilitate integrating the system in the merchant’s website and app, making it much easier and cheaper to use.

Paytm offers every possible payment mode via the Custom UI SDK, making it one of the most viable options for the merchants. The customers can pay using methods like net banking, credit/debit cards, e-wallets, UPI, and more.

Getting started with Paytm Custom UI SDK

No matter how perfect your products and services are, customers only need a single point of failure to call your company inefficient. In most cases, that single point of failure is the payment gateway. With Paytm’s Custom UI SDK, you can provide your customers with the best experience with the quick transaction and a lot of payment methods right from your website or app. Please contact us for more details.

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