Accept Payments Online at Zero Fees with Paytm

Accept Payments at Zero fees

Most businesses, regardless of their size or industry, are more inclined towards accepting payments online. Moreover, a steep rise in digital payment adoption has been witnessed with the increasing smartphone adoption in India.

More consumers now prefer the convenience of transferring payments online to the merchants than paying in cash. With businesses aiming to make the most of the consumers’ interest to pay online, it is important to implement ways to accept payments online to make the most of its advantages.

Advantages of accepting payments online for your business

  • Instant payments from the customers
  • Access to a wide range of payment sources – credit cards, debit cards, UPI, net banking, and digital wallets
  • Enhanced customer trust in your business
  • Easy to add the convenience of recurring payments
  • Competitive benefit
  • No risk of dealing with cash for large payments

Accepting payments at zero fee – Is it possible?

While there is no extra cost associated with making online payments on the consumer side, businesses need to pay certain charges. That’s the reason why they look for ways to accept payments at a 0% fee.

If you also want to switch to online payments, there is no need to worry about the related fees when you choose the right payment solution provider.

Ways to accept payments online at a 0% fee

You can start accepting payments digitally for your business with these two solutions:

  • All-In-One QR Code
  • Payment Gateway

Let’s talk about them in detail.

All-In-One QR code

It is a one-stop solution for mobile payment needs related to your offline business. With this QR code, you can accept payments from several payment sources.

More about Paytm QR code

Paytm All-In-One QR

With Paytm All-In-One QR, you can upgrade the payment side of your business. It is the only QR code with which you can accept payments via RuPay cards, Paytm Wallet, and all other UPI apps.

The best part – accepting payments from your customers is absolutely FREE! No hidden fee, no setup fee.

Other benefits of Paytm All-In-One QR

  • Single point reconciliation for all payments received
  • Powerful business dashboard
  • Next day automatic settlement or instant settlement in just a few clicks

You can also use Paytm Dynamic QR to accept different amounts from multiple users. As per the latest government mandate about dynamic QR codes, taxpayers having an annual turnover of Rs. 500 crores or above in any financial year must include a dynamic QR code on the B2C invoices.

Read Further: Government Mandate About GST Compliant Dynamic QR Codes – How It Affects Your Business

As a small and medium business, you can sign up instantly using a 3-step process and start receiving funds immediately in your bank account. You can register as a merchant by:

  • Downloading the Paytm for Business app
  • Visiting Accept Payments section in your Paytm app
  • Visiting our business website

Become a Paytm Merchant


For more details about Paytm All-In-One QR, click here.

Payment Gateway

Think of a payment gateway as a solution that works as a channel to receive payments online on your business website or application. Its primary role is to approve the transactions that happen between you and your customers.

Most payment gateways allow you to accept payments online via different payment sources – net banking, debit card, credit card, UPI, and many others. With Paytm Payment Gateway, you will also get two exclusive payment sources – Paytm Wallet and Paytm Postpaid.

Here are a few benefits of integrating Paytm Payment Gateway into your business website or app:

  • Security of customers’ financial information
  • Quick and easy to integrate
  • Advanced fraud detection technology
  • Real-time bank settlements
  • Powerful, all-inclusive dashboard
  • PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant
  • Seamless integration with all hosted platforms via plugins

To know more about Paytm Payment Gateway, click here.

If you are in the middle of setting up your website or app, here are a few things you must know well about:

The bottom line

Every business owner in India is looking for ways to accept payments online and spur business growth. With the sudden dip in sales and income owing to the pandemic, digital payments have become the new norm.

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, it is crucial that you select the right payment solutions for your business needs. Your knowledge and understanding of how different payment solutions work can help you beat the odds in the long run.

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