Celebrating Successes: Brands That Partnered with Paytm Ads in 2023

Celebrating Successes: Brands That Partnered with Paytm Ads in 2023

As we reach the end of 2023, it’s only fitting to take a moment to reflect on the remarkable journey that Paytm Ads has had throughout the year. 2023 marked the launch of innovative ad solutions by Paytm Ads, enabling brands to connect with their target audiences effectively. These new solutions have helped brands reach their audiences and paved the way for them to achieve marketing success.

Transforming Brand Connections Through Innovation

Paytm Ads’ commitment to innovation has had a transformative impact on how brands reach their audiences. With the ability to target specific demographics and deliver the right messages to the right audiences, brands have witnessed a significant shift in their advertising strategies. From precision targeting to immersive ad formats, Paytm Ads has been at the forefront of providing brands with the tools they need to engage their audiences effectively. The power of Paytm’s vast user base, combined with these innovative ad solutions, has allowed brands to craft unique narratives and create memorable customer experiences.

As we near the end of this eventful year, let us take a closer look at some of the brands that celebrated remarkable success with Paytm Ads. These partnerships have not only been creatively inspiring but have also yielded impressive results. Here is a round-up of some of the most outstanding campaigns that defined success in 2023 and bagged awards at prestigious industry forums like the Adgully Datamatixx 2023, e4m The Maddies, Adgully Mobexx and ET Brand Equity DigiPlus.

RAS Luxury Oils:

Campaign Objective: Drive brand awareness through sampling on Paytm.


  • 2X samples ordered during the duration of the campaign
  • 37% conversion rate from engagement to order
  • 2.5X ROI achieved

Achievements: The campaign bagged three awards for best use of mobile app advertising and location-based targeting.

My Glamm:

Campaign Objective: Impact and connect with audiences, driving consideration and conversion.

Results: 2X ROAS  – Achieved at the overall brand level, 4X ROAS – specifically on the Hot Deals section. 25% – increase in visitors to My Glamm website and saw a 45% repeat rate from Paytm users.

Achievements: Recognised for best use of data and insights and best use of performance marketing.


Campaign Objective: Acquire new users and expand the customer base for Swiggy’s online food delivery platform.

Results: The campaign with Paytm Ads saw a 26% reduction in CAC  and over 50k first orders delivered.

Achievements: Won Gold for best data-driven user acquisition and in-app install campaign.

Flipkart Health:

Campaign Objective: Increase app-based transactions and expand the user base.

Results: Reduced CAC by 25% monthly. 2X increase in orders, increased the fulfilled orders by over 20% and reduced the returns to less than 10 %

Achievements: The campaign won accolades for brand promotion, use of display and best use of in-app advertising campaign.

Domino’s Pizza:

Campaign Objective: Promote the Domino’s app as the preferred platform for ordering pizzas.

Results: The campaign saw 5X RoAS and a 25% reduction in CAC.

Achievements: Awarded for the most effective retargeting campaign.

Silk – ##UnforgettableLoveTips Campaign:

Campaign Objective: Address the issue of stalking and provide a unique Valentine’s Day experience.

Results: The campaign achieved 2 lakh users on launch day, growing to 7.3 lakh+ users during Valentine’s Day week. Paytm platform contributed 80% of love and response. North India, especially Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, accounted for 5% of total engagement.

Achievements: Scored an award for social impact, best brand campaign and most innovative mobile campaign of the year.


Campaign Objectives: Boost order volume and enhance sales and business growth through strategic advertising and integration within Paytm.

Results: Consistently attracted customers for 18 months, delivering an impressive 4X return on ad spend for McDelivery orders and revenue.

The year 2023 has been a testament to the transformative power of Paytm Ads’ innovative ad solutions. These partnerships with esteemed brands have not only celebrated success but have also reshaped the advertising landscape. As we bid farewell to 2023, we look forward to more groundbreaking campaigns and continued innovation to further redefine how brands connect with their audiences through Paytm Ads. To know more about how Paytm Ads can help your brand, write to us at ads.marketing@paytm.com.

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