Visa-Safe Click Campaign

Media Brief and Opportunity

Striving towards a more seamless, faster and safer transaction experience for its users over the years, Visa launched the “Single Click” feature as an extension to Contactless Payments, which was introduced in India for simple and seamless transactions at POS machines in-store. The feature is now called Safe Click.

With Safe Click, a user can transact without entering a one-time password (OTP), thereby reducing the number of transaction steps and increasing transaction success rates. To activate this feature, a user has to register once on Paytm with his CVV & OTP and enjoy Safe Click transactions up to INR 2000.

Being India’s largest fintech consumer app with a 600 million user base, Paytm was the obvious choice for Visa to launch the feature, promote it to its users and drive adoption among them.


The aim was to educate Visa cardholders and drive awareness among them about the new feature, alongside drive rapid adoption of it among Paytm’s user base.

With Paytm Ads, a multi-pronged approach comprising an Educational Brand Store, Customer Incentives and Precise Targeting was deployed.

Educational Brand Store

In a first-of-its-kind initiative, Paytm created a comprehensive Brand Store for Visa detailing the newly launched product and encouraging users to activate it and use it for a variety of transactions on Paytm. Paytm’s Utility Recharge & Bill Pay section itself hosts more than a dozen sub-categories where Visa Safe Click can be used seamlessly.

Early Adopter Incentives

During the campaign, Paytm offered cashbacks and vouchers to the users who activated and successfully transacted using Visa Safe Click on Paytm.

The 2-step activation process got an unprecedented positive response from active Paytm users who started using the feature for their daily transactions and regular utility bill payments.

Strategy & Execution

A cohort was created of all Visa users who were active in the last 6 months on the platform. The mutually agreed cohort was further targeted to Android users as Visa Safe Click was only compatible with the Android versions of the app.

The cohorts that emerged the most relevant to drive transactions using Visa Safe Click were-

● Transaction value of users over the period of 6 months

● By nature/ category of transactions on Paytm

● Discount seekers, offer seekers on Paytm

Additionally, the Paytm in-app solution was used to provide premium, clutter free visibility on the homepage, post transaction page and several other category pages. Optimisation was done based on sub-cohorts that were created to ensure the campaign’s maximum impact and drive subscriptions to Visa Safe Click.

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