Paytm Ads: Revolutionizing The Way You Target Your Audience

From gaining access to transacting users round-the-clock to creating the perfect segmentation mix and customizing marketing solutions, Paytm Ads’ core competency lies in laser targeting the ideal TG for your campaign!

We Know Our Customers…

With the ability to laser-target the perfect TG, Paytm Ads is a must-have in your business’ media mix. We are here to revolutionize the way you reach out to your ideal audience! With deterministic user data, we help form the perfect segmentation mix and custom cohorts.

With the help of 3 key parameters namely Geographic, Demographic and Transactional, we create the right segmentation mix for your campaigns. On top of this, with transactional users’ data, we form cohorts as per your brand’s objectives and target only those who would help achieve these objectives with top-notch quality. From young individuals transacting on cabs, food services, etc. to family purchasing groceries, kids’ wear, and more. – we know the right audience for you! 

Paytm uses deterministic data that stems from actual digital transactions of users interacting with the Paytm App, both online and offline. This transactional data helps in mapping customers’ behavioral patterns and lifestyle choices. It helps form cohorts, which the advertiser can customize or use the pre-existing segments, to get the perfect segmentation mix for a campaign.

Marketing Solutions Like No Other…

Regardless of what your brand’s marketing objective may be, we have comprehensive solutions for all! Our solutions consist of:

1. Branding and Awareness

You can drive branding and awareness campaigns for your business with Display Assets on Paytm, Paytm Group Apps, Paytm for Business App as well as Paytm’s DSP

2. Performance 

Your business can achieve quality performance with solutions like Lead Generation Form, App Installs, Brand Vouchers, Promoted Offers, Emailers and Push Notifications.

3. Transactions 

The transacting Paytm users can be targeted via multiple solutions like Scratch Cards, Product Listing Ads, Mini Apps and Cashback Offers

Ad Formats To Aid Your Marketing Objectives…

1. On Platform Display Ads

Ads are placed on strategic touchpoints on the homepage, category page and post-transaction page on the Paytm consumer app, Paytm for Business merchant app, Paytm Insider & Paytm Money. This aims at engaging with Paytm’s active transacting users. 

2. Paytm DSP

Paytm’s Demand Side Platform is for running programmatic video ads outside the Paytm App. It helps advertisers reach out to Paytm’s user base by showing ads via Paytm’s own and third-party solutions. 

3. Product Listing Ads

Product Listing Ads are available for brand and merchant partners retailing their inventory on Paytm Mall. 

Some Campaigns That Won Hearts and Testimonials…

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