How Codecademy & Paytm Payment Gateway are Helping Professionals Upskill their way to Success


It is a known fact that if one wishes to succeed professionally in the 21st century, they need skills that are in demand right now. More and more present-day professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs want to build meaningful solutions and products using technology.

To be able to do so, they prefer interactive ways of learning that make it engaging, flexible, and accessible for as many people as possible.

About Codecademy

Codecademy was launched to empower millions of people worldwide who aspire to build their careers in technology. The edtech company is a leading online learning platform for technical skills.

Being the best-in-class platform, the company has realized the demand for interactive learning among students, professionals, businesses, and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Its interactive, hands-on approach to online coding education provides an engaging, flexible, and accessible way for millions of people to learn in-demand programming skills and grow in their careers.

With hundreds of courses, projects and quizzes across domains like web development and data science, Codecademy equips individuals and organizations with the skills they need for success in our tech-enabled world.

Mirroring the great success that edtech industry is enjoying, Codecademy has reached 50 million learners from 190+ countries worldwide. After the United States, India is the second-most represented country among Codecademy learners.

Codecademy in India

One of Codecademy’s key business goals is to expand its footprint in India even further, specifically around subscribers of Codecademy Pro.

Codecademy Pro provides access to Codecademy’s catalog at an affordable price, so students and professionals can feel empowered to invest in building their coding skills. In the future, Codecademy will be launching more career-focused offerings in India.

The challenge

The payment gateways Codecademy was using earlier did not support the commonly used payment instruments in India. As a result, they were facing high payment failure rates.

The search for a solution and the solution provider

Codecademy was well aware of the popularity of UPI as a payment method in the Indian market and hence wanted to integrate the same into their platform.

Since the edtech company offers subscription-based services, they were looking for a payment gateway service provider to integrate the UPI AutoPay solution into their platform.

The company did thorough market research and asked for recommendations from other companies. Post their research, they zeroed down on Paytm for integrating UPI AutoPay into their platform.

What also played a crucial part in making this decision was that even before the NPCI launched UPI AutoPay in July 2020, Paytm had developed a robust Subscriptions solution.

However, Paytm was not offering UPI as a payment source in the Subscriptions solution earlier. Post the launch, we quickly enabled UPI AutoPay into our existing Subscriptions solution, thereby enhancing our solution’s value proposition.

Over time, our team has enhanced the subscription products which is also the reason why some of the most popular subscription-based businesses trust us.

In addition to UPI, Paytm has also enabled Codecademy to accept payments from their customers via the Paytm Wallet and credit & debit cards.

By adding Paytm Wallet as a payment method into its platform, the edtech company gets access to Paytm’s existing pool of customers. It leads to faster transactions and a high transaction rate.

Our solutions are PCI DSS compliant that ensure their users can pay for their preferred courses via credit and/or debit cards safely.

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The result

In addition to penetrating the UPI user-base in the Indian market, the major challenge the edtech company was facing was poor payment success rates.

To solve this, UPI AutoPay was a lucrative solution. Post the UPI AutoPay integration, Codecademy increased its payment success rate by nearly 3x. Moreover, they were able to offer their customers their preferred payment option.

Mr. Kunal Ahuja, VP of Product & Strategy at Codecademy highlighted,

“Paytm is helping Codecademy build a seamless payment experience that in turn helps us deliver a better user experience for our learners. The solutions offered by Paytm are foundational building blocks that will help us deliver Codecademy to millions of users in India over the coming years.”

What makes the UPI AutoPay solution offered by Paytm better than the others

Backed by the powerful Paytm Subscriptions solution, UPI AutoPay is easy to integrate and offers a host of features that make it one of the most intelligent recurring payments solutions out there.

Here’s how businesses can benefit:

  • Businesses can create and manage mandates, either integrate via APIs or use our self serve dashboard
  • Businesses can activate mandates instantly
  • Businesses can modify, pause or revoke mandates anytime
  • Customers of your business do not need to remember or enter their UPI IDs

Codecademy on its partnership with Paytm

“Because we have teams based in the US, working with the Paytm team meant working through a large time difference. The Paytm team was very flexible and accommodating to ensure the integration process was smooth and was consistently available for any questions from our team.”

– Mr. Kunal Ahuja, VP of Product & Strategy at Codecademy

Do you have an online subscription-based business? Are you looking for a reliable payment gateway that lets you accept recurring payments with ease? We can help you do that and lots more.

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