Effortless and Automated Enterprise Bill Payments with Paytm


Are you an enterprise struggling to manage all those bills across various business locations? Well, you have landed up in the right place.

It can be quite a hassle to manage bills across the ’n’ number of business locations, pay all of them one by one, and if that’s not enough — reconcile these bills individually too. To top it all, this 3-step process has numerous folds of manual approvals and follow-ups from various teams hidden beneath.

So, to bring yourself to a place where all it takes is a few clicks to pay all, yes… all your enterprise bills would be such a relief, right? Here is when Paytm Enterprise Bill Payments come in to make these payments effortless.

Some of the many reasons to change the way you pay your enterprise bills are:

  • Payments in a blink: Easily filter bills depending on the business location, due dates, bill providers, etc. and pay multiple bills in a click.
  • Location management: Bills for every shop, office, warehouse or location can be easily managed from one dashboard.
  • Easy reconciliation: Enjoy hassle-free reconciliation and generate custom reports based on your business locations. It can be easily integrated with your existing ERP and financial reporting systems.
  • Quick approvals: Create custom flows to make approvals and follow-ups from various business departments easier.
  • Bulk payments: Pay thousands of bills in one go with the bulk payment option.
  • Set reminders: Set easy alerts so that you never have to worry about missing a bill payment.
  • Additional perks: Enjoy high success rates with direct biller integration, discounts on early bill payments and choose to pay bills partially with Paytm Enterprise Bill Payments.

Making your bill payments with Paytm Enterprise Bill Payments Solution is as easy as ABC!

  1. Add your bill details (type, operator, etc.)
  2. Select the bills you want to pay or filter them depending on the location, due dates, etc.
  3. Simply click pay and ta-da! Bills are paid instantly.

Sounds like a treat, right? So what are you waiting for? It’s time to change the way you pay for your business expenses with Paytm.

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