Is your Payment Gateway still charging you for UPI transactions? Switch to Paytm All-In-One Payment Gateway instead!


The e-commerce industry in India is proliferating. To provide customers with a convenient and secure platform, seamless transactions, and doorstep deliveries, e-commerce platforms require an efficient payment gateway to increase customer loyalty and positively affect sales and profit.

POS (Point of Sale) is a successful mode of payment collection. The main deviation from the POS terminal is: in the case of a payment gateway, the customer may be sitting in a different city, state, or country altogether. Because of the shopper’s distance and anonymity, a payment gateway requires special encryption and verification technology. 

Getting a digital platform to accept payments online can eventually increase the overall performance of your business. Here are the advantages of executing a payment gateway:

  1. Payment gateways:

    • Facilitate a speedy & seamless checkout experience.
    • Integrate with shopping carts.
    • Provide faster payment processing.
    • Accept multiple payment options.
    • Provide chargeback prevention.
    • Provide fraud control.
    • Provide recurring billing/subscription services.
    • Offer great security.
  2. Successful impulse purchases:

    It has been found that more than 40% of customers cancel their investment if the checkout/payment method is tedious or complicated. According to a study, it has also been recognized that impulse purchases are responsible for 40% of all online purchases; thus, providing your consumers with an easy payment option will undoubtedly make an increase in sales.

You can easily integrate the Paytm All-In-One Payment Gateway into any website or mobile application that sells a product or service as well as a point of sale in a retail store. By integrating the services, a merchant can start accepting online payments through numerous payment modes inclusive of UPI that other payment gateways charge for, but Paytm offers Zero fees on and expanding their business’s digital reach. 

On top of the above, here are some of our diverse UPI offerings:

  • UPI Intent: Enables the users to pay using any UPI app available on his/her device with automatic switching between the merchant app to the user-selected UPI app.
  • UPI InApp: Customers can select any bank account from their UPI linked bank accounts and pay directly without switching to UPI Apps. 
  • UPI Collect: It allows merchants to accept payments from customers using UPI without any separate integration.

Do free payment gateways exist?

To assess if free payment gateways are real, we need to understand the charges usually incurred by payment gateway service providers.

Elements in payment gateway charges

Payment gateway charges constitute multiple charges from fees for setup to TDR and so on. Let’s understand the standard payment gateway charges individually.

Payment gateway charges: Setup Fee

This fee is a one-time fee paid when you integrate a payment gateway on your website/application. The cost is non-recurring in nature. This fee is to cover expenses on

  • Onboarding a merchant (e.g., document verification, KYC of business, physical proof) and
  • Infrastructure cost (e.g., every time a bank net banking option is approved, the payment gateway service provider needs to deal with merchant details with the respective bank, and then the bank initiates the account with it, for this bank may charge some fees)

Payment gateway charges: Annual/Monthly maintenance fees

You might be expected to pay a pre-determined sum of money or fee every month/year to the payment gateway as maintenance charges. These are costs to cover running expenses, software maintenance, and technology up-gradation charges.

The annual/monthly maintenance charge differs based on the following factors.

  • Mode of payments activated.
  • Types of integration (e.g., if you have web checkout, the maintenance charges will be lower, and more.)
  • Payment gateway features you opt for (e.g., integrated refund management, auto-billing service, and more).

Some payment gateway providers also give a range of fraud, risk prevention, and management services, and you may be required to pay more to avail these.

Why should you choose Paytm All-In-One Payment Gateway?

We are delighted to share that our All-In-One Payment Gateway, the largest & best payment gateway in the country, has continued to offer UPI and RuPay card payments services to merchants at zero fees. This offer comes with the added benefit of a zero Setup & Maintenance Fee.

Our platform serves all authorities’ guidelines and is not levying any covered transaction charges or fees on merchants. This offer has assisted in promoting more merchant partners and customers to adopt digital transactions. No additional charges on UPI transactions also ensure that businesses have adequate liquidity for their expansion plans.

Our UPI enables businesses with interoperability to make payments via UPI ID, UPI Apps, and UPI Linked Bank Accounts. We allow our customers to pay via the UPI app or bank accounts linked to Paytm UPI on the merchant payments page.


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