Now Enjoy RTGS 24×7, 365 Days! With Paytm Payouts


Paytm Payouts now helps businesses transfer any amount to any beneficiary on any date and any time of the day instantly!

In this year of 2020, it has become important to boost the digital payments culture in India, don’t you agree? Well, so does the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

RBI has now allowed round-the-clock transfer of funds using RTGS or Real-Time Gross Settlement. Previously, RTGS was available on all working days of the bank generally up until 6 pm (time varied from bank to bank). So no more wait, as Paytm Payouts is now ready to provide you the RTGS service, 24X7, the same day as RBI.

With this, businesses no longer have to plan days in advance to make payouts. They can simply access 24×7 RTGS with Paytm and make payouts to their customers, vendors, partners or employees using a single dashboard, at any time of the day.

RTGS transfers follow gross settlement i.e., there is individual transaction settlement and not in batches like NEFT. This is what makes this mode popular among businesses. NEFT and IMPS are already available round-the-clock but are generally used by individuals as they do not have any minimum transfer limit. IMPS also has an upper cap of Rs.2 Lakh per day on money transfers, while NEFT and RTGS do not have any such cap.

With RTGS as the latest offering, Paytm Payouts allows you to choose from a variety of payment modes that suits every requirement of your business.

  • RTGS – 24*7 >2 lakh Instantly
  • NEFT – 24*7 Any amount Within 4 hours
  • IMPS – 24*7 <=2 lakh Instantly
  • UPI – 24* 7 <=1 lakh instantly
  • Paytm Wallet – 24*7 <=1 lakh instantly


This also brings a great degree of efficiency and flexibility for the businesses since they can simply access their Paytm Dashboard as and when they are required to make a payout. They can also manage cash flows in a better manner with faster payouts having a single point reconciliation.

In the previous environment, the businesses were required to plan their RTGS transactions well in advance after taking into account the bank timings and holidays. Whereas now, there is flexibility for them to make the same payouts with Paytm’s 24×7 payouts solutions at any point in time or on any day required.

Making RTGS available 24×7 x 365 days is going to be a game-changer for businesses. From customers to vendors, partners to employees, all payout forms can now be managed with one single dashboard with Paytm Payouts — any time, any day!

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