5 Benefits Of Enabling Global Customers To Pay in their Home Currency

Accept International Payments

Digital businesses understand that all it takes to move the world is good online marketing and robust payment gateway. The latter often being the most crucial piece in the mystery.

Moreover, if you are a freelancer, it is now more comfortable than ever to have customers in Europe, South America, or anywhere in the world.

But with all the various online and offline international payment alternatives out there, it can be testing to sort through them all to figure out which one is most suitable for you and your customers and know which factors to consider when deciding how international payments are taxed.

So let this be your guide on the most reliable way to accept international payments in India.

Many Indian businesses, from but not limited to travel, tourism, cab booking, and hospitality industries such as IRCTC, Spicejet, Indigo, OYO, Ola, and more, attract international customers by the very nature of their businesses.

While some businesses can support international payments through internationally issued debit and credit cards on their websites, typically through costly integrations with global payment service providers, many still struggle to acquire customers in international markets.

In addition to the above, most international customers are forced to buy from Indian businesses in INR during international transactions. This factor adversely affects the customer experience resulting in abandoned carts and lost sales for the business.

To solve the above – Paytm Real-Time Currency Conversion enables international customers to pay in their home currencies and through local payment sources like wallets and bank accounts in the later phases. 

Paytm’s Real-Time Currency Conversion on International Cards aims to eliminate the dependency of businesses on a separate payment service provider for all kinds of international payments, thus streamlining the reconciliation and settlement process for Indian business owners.

How Real-time currency conversion on credit cards could be the key to your global business expansion?

  • Improves customer satisfaction:

    Dynamic Currency Conversion on a payment gateway Improves Customer Satisfaction by promoting transparency on international payments as customers get to know how much they will be charged upfront with additional convenience to pay local currency.

  • Enables international growth & success rate:

    For business owners, it enables International Growth and Payment Success Rates. The product offers growth to domestic business owners’ targets trying to set up an international customer base.

    Aiming to improve user drop-offs? It helps by providing a better international payments checkout experience to a global customer.

  • Provides additional features for scale:

    Further, it supports 72 currencies across 200+ countries, competitive pricing, and provides the widest and the most comfortable card scheme coverage inclusive of Mastercard and Visa across borders.

  • Offers a vast product coverage:

    It has a vast product coverage spectrum inclusive of Standard, Blink, Custom, Links, QR, and more. Thus, helping enable the right international payments experience for your international customers.

  • Offers flexible settlements in INR:

    In Paytm’s Dynamic Currency Conversion on International Cards, you can enjoy all settlements made in INR. It also offers flexible settlement in T+n days where n is greater than or equal to 1, along with an easy up-gradation and activation to enterprise plan that supports international cards for international payments.

Want to enable your customers to have a home-like experience even while paying globally?

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