Push Your Product Into International Markets with Paytm International Gateway

Accept payments from around the globe

The times when only large companies were able to take their product or services international are long gone. Today, even small-scale industries and early-stage start-ups can take their products or services globally.

You can also take your product or service to international markets and allow international payments acceptance on your online or offline store. In the age of digitalization, as the internet connects the entire world, there is no limit on how far you can offer your products or services. But there is one issue. The currency has its own borders. International payments are tough to offer, especially with expensive gateways and the complex setting up procedures. 

No matter which way you go Paytm can help in setting up the payment gateway for taking your business global. With Paytm’s international payment gateway, you can offer your international customers to pay using credit as well as debit cards for any product or service you offer. Not only in international markets, but you can help your domestic consumers pay for a product with international cards.


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Here is how Paytm International Payment Gateway works for any merchant’s product in global markets. 

  1. The customer goes to the merchant’s site and pays the bill with his or her International Credit or Debit card.
  2. The amount is transferred to Paytm. 
  3. Paytm then transfers this amount to the merchant’s account in INR.

Simple. Not only that, but you also do not need to have any special configuration to get your product into the market. Paytm provides support for International cards through QR code, Payment Links and POS machines. So, you only need to make the decision about going international and think about nothing else. 

There are approximately 600 plus merchants leveraging the power of Paytm’s international payment gateway to give their businesses a competitive edge. 

Paytm is putting Indian start-ups on the world stage. From food-services to online content-streaming services, from cab-services to hospitality, there is no industry that cannot be given the power to go global with Paytm International Payment Gateway. With the ability to get to international customers, there is literally no limit on what they will be able to achieve. 

Here are some of the additional features Paytm provides:

  • Eliminating a separate payment service provider for international payments and streamlining the reconciliation and settlement for Indian merchants.
  • A settlement cycle of T+n days (where T is the time of the transaction).
  • And zero withdrawal fee.

So, no matter what services you offer, you are no longer bound by the geographical borders. Free your business and take it global through Paytm’s International Payment Gateway right now.

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