Upgraded: Fund Addition & Disbursement Process


It has been an incredible year as we were able to come up with updates to suit your business and make it easy for you add/disburse funds. Let’s have a look:

A. Simplified Add Funds Process —

Now you no longer need to reach out to your Relationship Manager or the Corporate Helpdesk for requesting Proforma Invoice, you can download it just with a click from the panel also enquiring about account number for adding funds to your business Wallet is a gone thing as you will able to see the account no. once you click on Add Funds tab. This tab is one-stop-shop for all your needs related to Funds addition to Business Wallet.

What else?

Email once Business wallet is topped-up:

All corporate wallet users will get an email notification once business wallet is topped up

B. Service Fee Invoices — 

The actual Invoices with commission+GST will now be available automatically in your panel within 2–3 days from the time you Add Funds to your Business Wallet. We hope you no longer need to reach out to Corporate Helpdesk after the funds are added.

What else?

An automated email will be sent to primary/admin login when service-fee invoice is generated for Business Wallet top up

C. Improved Disbursement Process — 

]We have optimized the disbursement process to make more convenient. So now transfer money to user’s wallet quicker than ever

What else?


Now all our Paytm Cash wallet users can simply choose to retry disbursements for non-registered/non-KYCed/limit-breach users by switch of a toggle. If disabled, disbursed amount will not be put on-hold & transaction will be marked as either success or failure

Email on Disbursement completion:

All corporate wallet users will get an email notification once the disbursal process is successfully completed

  1. Upgraded Panel with revamped Side Bar — In attempt to improve our Corporate experience with every release, we have upgraded the side bar in order to ensure all important features are just one click away.
  • Faster disbursement process: Now the disbursement process will be much faster for all corporate wallet users

Click on training on our dashboard for more information.

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