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How can I check my settlements?

  • business app

All your transactions are settled to your bank account by the next day. So if you take a customer payment on Monday, it will be settled in your bank account by Tuesday morning. After settlement, Paytm notifies you through SMS confirming the transfer. If you have enabled notifications from Business with Paytm App, you will also get an app notification.

You can also check your settlements in Business with Paytm App in the settlements tab of your app

  • Go to Settlements tab
  • Select Today/Yesterday/Date range (To check settlements of particular date or period)

Here, you will be able to check the:

  • Settlement amount
  • Settlement Date
  • Settlement time and 
  • Settlement Reference no. or UTR number which will also be there in your bank statement so you can reconcile with your bank

Please note that you can check the bank account in which settlement is being done from Business with Paytm App in “Accept Payment Settings

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