5 Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Shop

Even with the explosion of online shopping and the pandemic, the neighbourhood shop remains the primary choice for daily needs for a vast majority of Indians. However, it is also important to note that to remain relevant in today’s times it is essential to adopt new methods of business. Whether you own a small shop or a chain of stores, there are always ways in which you can upgrade your shop and improve the experience for your customers and yourself.

Here we list some easy steps that can help your business become modern and increase profitability.

Install a QR

A QR code is a popular method for payment, most customers prefer to pay using a QR as it gives them a choice for various payment methods and reduces the need to carry cash everywhere. Paytm QR code is extremely simple to install and use and even the smallest of businesses can use it to become digital.


Start a home delivery option

Give your customer a choice to opt for home deliveries. Many people choose online stores because of the sheer convenience of getting things delivered at home, even at a premium. By offering a home delivery option you offer your customers the same convenience along with the trust you have built.


Get the business app

Paytm for Business app is an amazing tool that can help simplify and ease many aspects of your business. You can settle your payments quickly, record all your transactions, maintain accounts and balances and do a lot more.


You can send payment links to your customer on their mobile or email and get paid easily and instantly. If you provide home delivery service, then this is a convenient method for your customers to pay you using any payment method immediately after delivery.


Get a Soundbox

Managing payments becomes very simple when you aren’t worried about assurance. Whether it’s rush hour or a long line of customers, looking at payment confirmation notifications can be a hassle, with the Paytm Soundbox you are assured of payment without any trouble.

Upgrading your shop or business need not be a massive exercise that requires a lot of capital. With a few simple tools and technology at your side you can easily revamp your operations.

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