Paytm Introduces-Contactless Ordering for Grocery Stores

The nation-wide lockdown, which came into effect from 25 March 2020, prompted many Indian consumers to embrace a new way of getting essentials such as groceries. These new ways were largely through online food ordering and delivery platforms. Fighting this pandemic is going to be a long journey and it is safe to say that both customers and merchants will have to adapt in many ways in order to stay safe and continue playing their part in the circle of demand and supply.

Paytm has always seen these tough challenges as opportunities to create something that would truly help solve the challenges faced by us. Therefore, Paytm has now launched Contactless Ordering for Grocery Stores. Now consumers can safely order their groceries and have them delivered or picked up, all without any contact. Hence, ensuring the safety of both customers and staff at the store.

What’s in it for our Grocery Partners?

This end to end solution is especially beneficial for our grocery partners. The benefits of this tool are multifold. It helps stores which earlier had no online presence, get access to a completely new set of customers, hence increasing their total sales. Apart from that, it also helps in operation and smoother functioning. By taking orders online, it helps the store owner to manage/reduce queues and waiting time at the store. Overall, this tool will help stores be prepared for the coming future in the best way possible.

How it works?

There are two main flows through which customers can use this:

In Store Ordering

In App Ordering

We hope that all of us can do our bit in fighting this pandemic by adopting these small changes that ensure not only our safety but also the safety of everyone around us. Therefore, with the help of this tool, Paytm hopes to facilitate contactless ordering as the primary way of working in majority of India’s grocery stores.

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