How DAMS Made Quality NEET PG Coaching Accessible with Paytm Payment Gateway


The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (Post Graduate), also called NEET PG, is one of the toughest qualifying and ranking examinations in India. Graduate medical students need to qualify in this entrance exam for getting admission into post-graduate or diploma courses offered by the best government and private medical colleges in India.

The education industry is majorly focused only on preparations for engineering courses. Hence, there is a lack of resources and guidance for aspiring medical students preparing for medical entrance exams.

Taking this challenge head-on is DAMS – Delhi Academy of Medical Sciences Pvt. Ltd.  A well-established name, DAMS is one of the top coaching institutes for the PG medical entrance examinations including, NEET PG, Proposed National Exit Exam, INICET, NEETMDS, NEETSS and FMGET.

The mission

DAMS aims to make post-graduate medical test preparation and supplementary learning easy and readily accessible to medical students and doctors. To achieve this, the institute has successfully leveraged technology to reinvent the way it imparts coaching while reaching out to more and more students.

The journey so far

Over the years, DAMS has evolved a lot. Every year some 50k doctors and medical students join the institute to prepare for various post-graduate entrance exams. For many years the institute has been imparting face-to-face classroom coaching programs.

However, recently it has successfully launched and scaled its eLearning & EduTech initiative, eMedicoz – a mobile e-learning app for Android and iOS users. More than half a million Medicos are onboard the mobile platform.

eMedicoz offers courses to medical students pursuing MBBS and those preparing for NEET PG exams. It also has courses relevant for resident doctors as well as practicing doctors. The e-learning platform aims to become the one-stop solution for supplemental medical education for doctors and medical students globally.

The key challenge

The ever-increasing number of medical colleges and medical seats has led to the uneven distribution of quality medical education throughout the nation.

DAMS rose to the challenge of providing quality supplemental coaching for NEET PG preparation to as many students as possible across India.

DAMS realized that the need for classroom and e-learning courses in this segment is bound to increase further. They needed a payment gateway service provider for their website and mobile app (eMedicoz).

The institution needed an intuitive and easy-to-use payment solution that enabled its students to seamlessly subscribe to their preferred offline and online programs.

The search for a payment gateway service provider

DAMS has been a leader in the NEET PG preparation segment in India since 1999, with 250+ centers across the country. The institution realized that Internet technologies of live streaming and two-way interactive classes have revolutionized the way institutions reach out to medical students in every corner of the country.

With that thought, the institution launched its e-learning mobile platform eMedicoz, which saw more than half a million downloads within a small span. As it was now reaching out to more and more students, DAMS needed a reliable payment gateway service provider.

The institution wanted to integrate a robust payment solution that is easy-to-use for both the student community and the institute while helping the mobile platform scale up seamlessly.

DAMS knew that the penetration of Paytm in tier 2 and 3 cities is high. Also, the company has an excellent reputation for offering robust payment solutions in the online and offline markets. Hence, the institution decided to get onboard with Paytm as their payment partner.

The solutions offered

Paytm offered the following payment methods as a part of its payment gateway solution:

  • Paytm Wallet – gives access to 450 million+ existing Paytm user accounts, ensuring high transaction success rates and a seamless payment experience
  • UPI – one of the most preferred payment methods among users
  • Debit and credit card acceptance – to ensure PCI compliance as well as the safety of sensitive customer card data/information
  • QR code – a safe and secure, easy-to-use payment method for students
  • Net banking – a great choice among those who do not prefer cards and yet want to make payments anytime from anywhere

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The anticipated results

Before onboarding with Paytm, DAMS was frequently facing the issue of failed transactions. They also did not have any way of getting real-time reports on transactions and their statuses.

After integrating Paytm Payment Gateway, the education business saw a tremendous increase in transaction success rates. By enabling various payment methods on their offline and online platforms, they have drastically improved the payment experience of their students.

Moreover, Paytm’s intelligent business dashboard has given DAMS access to real-time reports on transactions. They can even generate custom reports to get business-critical insights.

The unanticipated quantitative results

Since going live with their online education platform and integrating Paytm Payment Gateway, DAMS’s business has increased by 90% in 11 months in 2021 as compared to 2020.

DAMS on its partnership with Paytm

“We worked together with the Paytm Payment Gateway team to integrate the payment gateway into the DAMS website and mobile app via the APK provided by them. The immediate result of this APK integration is that students can now register for their preferred courses seamlessly.

The payment gateway also enabled students to pay via their preferred payment method including, Paytm Wallet, UPI, debit card, credit card, QR code and net banking.

Our association with the Paytm team was smooth right from the initial setup for both our face-to-face classes and the eMedicoz mobile app. Choosing the right payment gateway was not an easy decision for us. However, the tech team at Paytm proved to us that we made the right choice by supporting us at every step of the integration.”

– Dr Sumer Sethi, CEO & Director at DAMS

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