Why Fare Boutique is Talking About Paytm Payment Gateway on Social Media

In March this year, Ujjwal Raijada, founder of a SaaS startup Fare Boutique wrote a review on Twitter about his experience with Paytm Payment Gateway.

The tweet was about how Paytm Payment Gateway’s customer care team has been extremely helpful and is always able to find a solution.

This was his tweet:

We got in touch with Ujjwal to get into the details of his experience with the customer care team.

A mighty strong customer care team

On a Saturday evening, Ujjwal got a call from one of his clients that his account was mistakenly charged with more commission than what it should have been.

Like any distressed customer looking for a quick solution, Ujjwal immediately sent a WhatsApp message to the customer care representative assigned to Ujjwal.

Ujjwal told Paytm for Business that despite it being a weekend, she immediately responded and said, “It’s a holiday, but let me check what I can do.”

Soon, the problem was solved, and everyone was happy.

“This isn’t the first time that she went out of her way to help. Whenever there is any glitch, I have contacted her and even if it’s a holiday, she replies. She might not be able to help because of the holiday but she does whatever she can at that point of time,” Ujjwal said.

A unique problem

Fare Boutique is a Jaipur based SaaS startup that works with travel agents to help them manage their ticket inventory.

“Many travel agents pre-purchase airline tickets and later sell them to customers. Earlier there was no SaaS for them to manage these pre-purchased tickets. We developed a management system which can manage their inventory in an efficient way,” Ujjwal said.

Going forward, his company is also creating a platform for travel agents where they can share ticket inventories with each other in real-time.

He claims there is no other company that provides such a solution for travel agents. While this puts Fare Boutique in a unique position, it is also a roadblock in its growth.

Since there is no similar product in the market, Ujjwal said travel agents don’t immediately buy the idea of such a product.

“We are trying to create a space for this product and it is very difficult to tell the client that this product will help them grow their business. If a product is already available in the market, we can always say that our product is better than our competitors. Since there is nothing like this in the market, clients have no reference point to compare our product with,” Ujjwal said.

Why Fare Boutique trusts Paytm Payment Gateway

When Ujjwal started the company in 2019, like billions of others he had no clue that the pandemic was soon going to create havoc.

Since travel and tourism was one of the most impacted industries many travel agents had to shut shop. “Since flights weren’t operating they couldn’t sell anything. Some had invested their own money and a few had taken loans to pre-book tickets from airlines.”

Only when travel resumed, did Ujjwal launch the product in December 2021.

Ujjwal said more than 95% of travel agents in India don’t have a website. The few who do have a website, don’t have a payment gateway integration.

“I got a really economical pricing from Paytm Payment Gateway. Plus, we also wanted to work with a brand which is big and trustworthy. Since Paytm ticked all these boxes, it was easy for us to tell our clients that we will integrate Paytm PG on their website.”

And we are glad with our decision to go with Paytm PG as we have not heard any complaints from our clients about payment failure, etc.

5 benefits of Paytm Payment Gateway

If merchants are still wondering whether they should switch to Paytm Payment Gateway, here are five benefits of using Paytm Payment Gateway:

  • Quick onboarding
  • 100+ payment options
  • 0% fee on UPI and RuPay payments
  • Single-day settlements
  • Instant refunds for customers

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