How Atlanta Healthcare achieved 2x growth in revenue using Paytm All-In-One Payments?

Atlanta Healthcare Success Story

The year 2020 has brought into view the current state of the entire world. Apart from the global COVID-19 pandemic that continues to sweep the earth months into its arrival and the exception of a brief lockdown, the conditions we live in remain largely unchanged. As a plethora of health scares that come with the pandemic and other environmental issues stay relevant today, some individuals are striving to make the world a better place to breathe in. With a virus that infects the respiratory system and the increasing rate of environmental pollution post the festive season, it is only natural that humanity is turning to healthcare innovators in times of such crises.

Atlanta Healthcare is one such example of individuals involved in easing access to appropriate healthcare technology in a sensitive time such as ours. As one of India’s leading air quality management companies, they have always strived to create innovative technology to help facilitate breathing better and breathing pure.

At Atlanta Healthcare, smart solutions take the helm across all of their air purification products. Their services offer a variety of imported products that can help tackle the challenges in quality management. Amidst the pandemic and the increased usage of masks, Atlanta Healthcare has stepped up with the manufacturing of it’s Viral Guard N95 masks that use state-of-the-art technology to filter out close to 100% of all particulate matter and pollutants, bacteria, and viruses. Whether it be an office, a home, an institution, etc., their healthcare technology solutions help provide air quality relief in the long run.


With their services being the need of the hour, Atlanta Healthcare saw a significant increase in their business this year.

While part of their previous sales were offline purchases, they meant to keep up with the times and scale their business with online services and sales. The easy transition to online and the ability to stay business healthy in the online sales environment was largely due to their installation of Paytm Payment Gateway. Along with the pandemic and Diwali being a prime occasion to recover from air pollution, Atlanta healthcare saw a rise in sales made entirely online.

Overcoming the slump in business

We recently sat down with the pioneers at Atlanta Healthcare for a brief chat about growing online and the benefits of scaling a business using technology like payment gateways in a world that is making a transition into cashless payments. Though Atlanta Healthcare was founded in 2010, the actual inception began in 1997 in Delhi in the domain of RO water Purifiers. Since then, RO technology has become an unspoken mandate in every household, and the company began innovating in more lucrative places.

To establish themselves as the best in air purifier technology and improving the air quality across the world, the company was conceived under the expertise of Mr. Pavan Kumar Jain, Founder & Managing Director. With over 40 years of experience in taking the helm at companies such as Hindustan National Glass and NUWUD, Mr. P.K. Jain’s experience in manufacturing and execution of institutional projects led to the creation of new products and the development of many of Atlanta Healthcare’s tech solutions.

Joining him is Mr. Vibhor Jain, co-founder and Director. His expertise has contributed to the organizational growth with a strong understanding of B2B and B2C markets.

As it is with every blooming business, the initial years of innovating and selling based on the needs of consumers in a space that is lesser known to the masses take a lot of hard work. However, pioneer and innovator in the segment Atlanta Healthcare has seen a steady growth in its turnover over the decade. Atlanta Healthcare began selling its products on major e-commerce platforms such as Flipkart and Amazon in 2015, which contributed significantly to its growth.

Unfortunately, the unprecedented demonetization of 2016 led to a lot of hitches in physical and retail sales of the business. Though payment gateways and cashless services like Paytm were around since 2010, the Indian market was still building trust towards these applications with considerable apprehension. Many businesses began leaning in on cashless payments as almost every citizen of the nation flocked to a bank to trade in old notes for credit in their account.

At this point, Atlanta Healthcare’s business sustained itself online on e-commerce platforms. Eventually, as the larger populace began adopting Paytm as their primary payment method, many businesses opened their minds to digitizing their payment gateway, making it easier and faster for individuals to make transactions whenever they wanted and wherever they were. As businesses saw an increase in repeat payments, retained and returning customers, a sort of bond had begun forming between the service (us at Paytm for Business) and the users (businesses themselves).

The story of Atlanta Healthcare is a similar one. With 2016’s demonetization at play, almost every customer asked a key question while making a purchase. “Paytm hai kya?” (Do you have Paytm?) or “Paytm Karu Kya?” (Can I Paytm you the money?). The cash crunch during the demonetization didn’t help grow the business as much.

| Since every other person in India today uses the Paytm app, the influx of questions such as “Paytm Karu Kya?” has now transformed into an assumption of the business.

This led to Atlanta Healthcare Adopting Paytm for Business as a mainstay for transactions at their organization, however, only recently. In the interim, they relied on retail and online sales through e-commerce channels. The merchant, even today claims that they’d have seen better and increased revenue and turnovers had they gotten help from the payment gateway immediately or even earlier.

Paytm, the key to success

With the COVID-19 Pandemic making cashless and contactless payments an unspoken mandate, Atlanta Healthcare had to leverage the power of cashless services like Paytm. They even claim that it would’ve helped them more if they implemented it earlier during the pandemic. After receiving a slew of customers asking whether they could complete the transaction through Paytm, Atlanta Healthcare decided to resist delaying the digitization process and looked us up on Google.

A fair bit of research later, Atlanta Healthcare integrated the Paytm All-In-One payment gateway on October 31st, 2020, which has helped Atlanta Healthcare see a spike in its online sales.

With people becoming wary of the many risks that are associated with public places and the pollution due to the festival, sales for Air Purifier increased for Atlanta Healthcare in just 24 days.

They further go on to express their joy on the installation and onboarding of Paytm’s payment gateway. Speaking of why they chose Paytm, “We were asked by many of our customers if we took Paytm All-In-One Payments, or made transitions via Paytm. Naturally, the sound stuck with us, and we couldn’t get the name out of our heads.

| “With one google search of ‘how can my business use Paytm’ we were exposed to a wide range of ways we could scale our business online and do it all in the most hassle-free way.”

Signing in was as easy as one, two, three. All we had to do was submit our GST Number, PAN Details and a few financial bank documents to get started. We were apprehensive that the process would take time to authorize us, but to our surprise, there was next to no wait time. With one OTP and a small verification process, we were able to achieve instant activation of the payment gateway onto our website. It felt like magic! Our skepticism of long wait times and manual processing of paperwork and documents were washed away.”

The ease of use had them baffled to an extent. “We also didn’t expect it to be so user friendly! It’s so accessible that no wonder everyone uses Paytm today. It’s super convenient for any type of business, and we are proof of that. Earlier, we would have to give our bank details to the customer and wait for them to complete the payment through NEFT. So tedious, so many delays, so many customers lost because of the 24-hour wait times for authorization!”

“With the transaction process now integrated onto our website, our customers can settle payments instantly. We get the money into our bank account directly. It’s very streamlined. It helps keep an account of every customer and every payment because we have all the details on a single portal. Above this, customers give us better feedback since they can manage their orders, and track payments more regularly and more often without the need for customer care. This overall process helps save our time, their time, and allows us to focus on delivering the best services to our customers.”

They continue, “Now with Paytm, in case we do not have service personnel and send someone else to deliver the product, we can simply ask the customers to Paytm. Our dependency on people has reduced in that regard, and so have the physical transactions through cheque or on-site. That means we’ve seen a massive reduction in pilferages. Paytm is a very safe and secure mode of payment. With the hassle-free nature of not having us manage cash all the time.”

Atlanta Healthcare is a very successful business today. With a personal recommendation from the team itself, they had one last message for merchants who are still apprehensive about the transition from offline to online — “Anyone out there, whether their business is big or small; if they have a website, must get Paytm All-in-One Payment Gateway for their business. We’re telling you first-hand that logging in and signing up is easy. Registration of your business takes mere minutes, and you’re all set up.

You don’t need a wallet, the customer can use any payment method they prefer, and you’ll see the transaction reflect in your bank account and customer footfall. If you want your business to make an impact, Paytm for Business is the way to go. Amazing!”

The foreseeable future for Atlanta Healthcare is looking bright as their business has seen high gains in the months past. As for your business, we’ve got all the solutions right here, at Paytm for Business.

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