How to Choose an Effective Payment Gateway for Your Startup

payment gateway for startups

Have you ever wondered about how the theory around ‘survival of the fittest’ works?

One will not find a better idiom to describe the journey of a successful startup.

As a startup CEO, you’re constantly on your toes, ensuring your startup checks all the boxes on the customer, product, and operations fronts. But challenges never stop befalling, do they?

For any business, accepting payments is one of the primary functions and yet the most challenging one, given the diversity in clientele and modes of transfer.

We, at Paytm for Business, spoke to a few startup CEOs to understand payment-related challenges better – here’s what they had to say:

The most common responses included:

  • The process of accepting payments is too complicated
  • Integrating a payment gateway is time-consuming
  • Most payment gateway checkouts are poorly designed
  • Their customers get redirected to different payment pages

Let’s transition to a world where we rate customer experiences to be the highest in today’s time. In this world, payment-related glitches can lead to businesses losing a sizable chunk of their customer base. In some cases, even forever!

That’s why our primary focus was to build an effective payments collection technology with all your needs in mind.

Here’s why Paytm Payment Gateway has features and benefits that your startup should consider:

  • Access a massive consumer base of Paytm Wallet users

Paytm Payment Gateway for startups allows your business to leverage the brand’s scale. We owe the large scale of the Paytm Wallet to our familiarity with the Indian market and the trustworthy image that we have built over the years. You can leverage the massive consumer base of our wallet’s 450 million+ users, and 200 million+ saved cards by partnering with Paytm Payment Gateway.

  • Experience the industry-best transaction success rates

Have you ever worked your socks off to give your customers a seamless experience, only for their journey to crash during payment? This is common to experience in a startup environment, but the solution to it is the Paytm Payment Gateway. With our technological infrastructure, like our own payment gateway for startups, banking services, and saved instruments, there is a seamless integration to ensure high success rates.

With the prevalence of Covid-19, it’s important to protect your employees and customers from dealing in cash. Paytm Payment Links transforms the way you do business, by turning your cash-on-delivery orders into easily acceptable digital payment links that you can share with your customers via WhatsApp, SMS, or email, which land the customer instantly on the payment page with just a single click.

  • Put an end to your liquidity woes

We understand the need for your startup to ensure continuous cash flow. Therefore, we settle payments on Paytm Payment Gateway on the same day, 24/7, every day of the year, so you can get your payments settled instantly.

  • Enjoy 0% charges on UPI and RuPay transactions

The Paytm Payment Gateway has continued to offer UPI and RuPay card payments services to all its merchants at zero fees. This offer comes with the added benefit of a zero setup & maintenance fee, which can be highly beneficial for your startup.

  • Get access to a one-click checkout process with Paytm Wallet and Paytm Postpaid

Our one-click checkout is an ideal solution for your startup. This is because:

– It helps you accept payments on your platform with minimal coding
– It enables your startup to integrate and start accepting payments within a shorter time than most other payment gateways

P.S. Customers choosing to go ahead with the Paytm Wallet and Paytm Postpaid payments can enhance their checkout experience with a pre-authorized single-click checkout system. Click here to know more.

  • Go global and take your business over the world

The Paytm Payment Gateway for startups empowers you to accept international payments in all major currencies and unlock significant revenue streams for your startup with no API integrations required to grow beyond boundaries.

  • Collect recurring payments effortlessly

With the Paytm Payment Gateway’s subscriptions feature, you can collect recurring payments effortlessly with the opportunity to offer free trials to your customers. Additionally, you can also secure an upfront fee and automate regular payments in a single step while charging customers a fixed value or depending on their usage.

  • SDKs that will be friends with your developers

Paytm Payment Gateway’s SDKs are compatible with Android and iOS apps as well as apps developed on hybrid platforms. Installing the Paytm Payment Gateway for startups will let you provide the best native payments experience to your customers with minimum hassle. Paytm’s SDK will:

  • Allow you to include single or multiple payment options
  • Permit integration of subscriptions and offers
  • Provide same-page payments without having to redirect to a separate page
  • Quicken transaction process while ensuring lower failure rates, and more.

All of the above features come with added functionalities that the Paytm Payment Gateway offers. Some of these include:

  • Hassle-free onboarding: With a completely automated process, you can activate your Paytm account and process business payments within minutes
  • Simplified payment gateway key generation: Paytm’s robust API keys help you get onboard with minimum documentation to start accepting payments
  • Accept payments through all possible modes: Seamlessly receive digital payments using all sources, including Paytm Wallet, UPI, Cards, and more

The Paytm Payment Gateway’s instant onboarding solution is outlined to suit any business need. It enables you to go cashless and accept payments with minimal requirements. All you need to do is take the first step and let us handle the rest.

Now, this is just the payment gateway. But, businesses operate on a much larger level and require more features; hence, we introduced Paytm Payouts to pair up with the payment gateway.

Paytm Payouts

Recurring and non-recurring payments require utmost attention and streamlining of processes. They can be time-consuming and nerve-racking to complete.

Paytm Payouts takes care of all the following outgoing payments for businesses:

  • Vendor payments
  • Customer refunds
  • Employee salaries
  • Utility payments
  • Customer rewards

Thus, your startup can track real-time day-to-day transactions and analyze these on a highly simplified dashboard.

Paytm Payment Gateway and Paytm Payouts come with the added functionalities of a massive range of features that allow businesses to operate robustly. We understand business and keep agility and versatility at the center of every innovation at Paytm.

Want to learn from the best, avoid mistakes when possible, and move your startup in the right direction?

Sign up now and make the most out of the Paytm Payment Gateway today to take your startup to the next level!

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