Six Immediate Benefits of Using Paytm Payment Gateway for Your Business

Six Benefits of using Paytm Payment Gateway for Your Business

Whether you already have a website or app supporting your business or planning to invest in them, you want to offer a safe and quick payment solution to your customers.

As per statistical data, the number of online shoppers in India is expected to reach 220 millions in 2025. A major proportion of these buyers prefer to make online purchases via credit cards, debit cards, and similar other payment sources.

It leads you to one of the significant decisions of running an online business – Selection of the most suitable payment gateway.

The payment gateway you choose must provide two-sided benefits – ease of making payments for your customers and profits for your business resulting from it.

Choosing the right payment gateway for your business website and application is essential for business growth. Once these platforms are up and running, even less-talked-about features of a payment gateway grow in importance.

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Wondering how Paytm helps businesses accept payments online on their website or app? The answer is – through the Paytm Payment Gateway.

What does Paytm Payment Gateway have in store for your business?

Paytm has been one of the leading fintech players in India for more than a decade now. One of Paytm’s products which is important from a small and medium business perspective is the Paytm Payment Gateway.

Whether you are a small mom-and-pop store or a medium-sized establishment, Paytm Payment Gateway has features that cover the entire spectrum. In this current pandemic, not having an online presence is not an option for any small or medium business anymore.

Paytm Payment Gateway not only makes the merchant onboarding process easy but offers a wide range of benefits.

If you haven’t yet made the decision to select a payment gateway, let’s look at the six immediate advantages of using Paytm Payment Gateway.

Advantages of using Paytm Payment Gateway

Easy to accept payment through multiple payment sources

Using Paytm Payment Gateway does not limit your customers to use only a few payment methods. In fact, it offers six ways by which your customers can pay for the purchases:

  • Paytm Wallet
  • Bank account via UPI
  • Debit or credit cards
  • Netbanking
  • EMI option on cards
  • Paytm PostPaid

Having a set of payment sources for customers ensures that they can use their preferred payment source without any hassle. There will be no anxiety on the customer’s end to go for a new mode of payment while making purchases on your website or mobile app.

High security of payments

Security of payments is essential in every online transaction. To ensure that all payment transfers are processed securely, Paytm Payment Gateway uses the latest technology to keep transactions safe for you and your customers. We also have a dedicated team of 200 cyber security experts to ensure every user transaction is secure.

Paytm Payment Gateway is also certified by the Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS) with 128-bit encryption. Artificial intelligence is routinely used to detect and block suspicious-looking transactions by analysing the behaviour of fraudsters.

Industry-high success rates

Paytm Payment Gateway, being one of the largest payment enablers in India, has direct integration with the top six banks, 15 bank gateways and networks in India. These integrations result in reduced transaction times, since there is no need for manual inputs or dependency on mobile networks.

Paytm monitors the health of its Payment Gateway six times per minute and re-routes traffic to healthy gateways. If your website or app has multiple payment gateways, Paytm helps in routing transaction traffic between the multiple payment providers to help customers enjoy a high payment success rate.

Paytm is also the acquiring payment service provider (PSP), issuing PSP as well as owner of the payment gateway, which leads to higher success rates in transactions.

Given below are some impressive numbers related to Paytm Payment Gateway:

  • 400 million monthly transactions
  • 99.99% payment gateway uptime
  • 2,500 transactions per second
  • Largest card payment gateway and UPI payment gateway in India

You can enable your customers to expect a payment completion time of only 20 seconds on any platform provided all the customer details have been entered.

Easy checkout with saved cards

Think like a customer who buys products frequently from your online store – How would it feel when you need to enter card details every time you place an order?

With higher transaction time, the risk of losing a customer also increases. However, you need not worry about that if you have Paytm Payment Gateway integrated into your business app or website.

With Paytm Payment Gateway, your customers will get the option to checkout with saved cards. This feature assists not only with reduced transaction times, but also helps a customer become a regular user.

Along with cards, Paytm Payment Gateway also offers the facility to save details for Paytm Wallet, Paytm PostPaid, UPI IDs, merchant gift vouchers, and Paytm Payments Bank details.

With saved cards and other payment instruments, you can increase the success rate of transactions. Your customers will also find it easier to manage all their payment instruments and switch between different saved cards as per their convenience. It also provides them the access to one-click checkout experience. Some well-known merchants who use saved cards include Domino’s, Swiggy, Zomato, Hotstar, Uber, among others.

T+1 bank settlements

As a merchant, you naturally expect faster settlements at your end for a transaction to be deemed truly complete. Depending on the industry your business falls into and the market practices followed, your payment experiences can be customised.

You can select from a range of options when it comes to settling the amount of transactions and how soon you want the funds transferred to your bank account. By default, Paytm Payment Gateway settles transactions on a T+1 schedule on business days.

With Paytm Payment Gateway, you can go about this in two ways:

  • Settlement from the Paytm Nodal account can be done on the same day or in batches at a frequency you decide. For instance, you can have funds settled once every day or once in seven days, and so on
  • Settlement can also happen even by a direct transfer to your bank account if you do not want to go via the Paytm Nodal account route. Settlement destinations include your bank account, Paytm Wallet or a UPI virtual private address. Paytm Payment Gateway also offers direct real time settlement in your bank account by the issuer bank

Business growth insights on Paytm Merchant Dashboard

Paytm Payment Gateway also provides access to a visually-rich, interactive merchant dashboard that displays various insights about your business at just a glance.

Using this merchant dashboard, you can track sales, conversions, and success rates to analyse customer spends and understand when, how and how much customers buy.

Here are few more things you can do with the dashboard:

  • Create payment links
  • Disburse funds
  • View transaction history
  • Generate invoices
  • Access settlement reports
  • Issue refunds
  • Manage user roles and permissions

The Paytm Merchant Dashboard also provides real-time analytics that you can use to measure business performance and make decisions on the fly to improve growth.

If you are still on the fence regarding integrating the Paytm Payments Gateway, we have just given you six reasons to consider it.

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