JS Elements: Offer Native Checkout Experience with Least Tech Effort

What is JS Elements

UI & UX are critical to online businesses and there is no denying it! Despite facing a lack of resources, business owners invest a lot of time and effort into the look and feel of their store.

The way your online business looks can attract new customers and contribute to the overall customer experience.

However, there is one area that small and even medium-sized business owners often overlook within their overall business strategy, which is the customer checkout experience.

Modern-day customers are always busy and a negative checkout experience, whether due to poor customer service or slow transaction speed, can compel them to not come back to your online store.

To solve this pain point for small and medium-sized businesses, Paytm Payment Gateway has come up with yet another powerful checkout solution – JS Elements.

JS Element is the upgraded version of our superior checkout solution – JS Checkout.

Before we get into explaining what JS Elements can offer your business, let’s take a step back and understand a bit about JS Checkout first. It will help you decide which checkout solution is best for your business.

About JS Checkout

One of the biggest concerns for small and medium-sized businesses today is the amount of time it takes for one to integrate a payment gateway.

You want to integrate a payment gateway as quickly as possible so that your business sales are not affected much.

The Paytm JS Checkout solution offers a simple 2-step integration process that enables small and medium-sized businesses, who lack a large tech team, to integrate a sophisticated checkout solution effortlessly.

JS Checkout is a JavaScript-based checkout flow that offers businesses the ease of integration where they only have to integrate a JS code custom-made by Paytm to start accepting online payments in just 2 simple steps:

  • Step #1: Integrate a single S2S API to initiate the transaction
  • Step #2: Embed the custom-made JS code on the checkout html of your online store

JS Checkout eliminates the hassles of integrating multiple APIs for different devices and use cases.

Moreover, it also allows a high level of customisation where businesses can select the theme (header colour, Pay button colour, text colour) of the checkout page as per their brand to enhance their brand visibility.

What is ‘Paytm JS Elements’?

JS Elements is an advanced variant of the JS Checkout flow that offers businesses a pre-built code just as JS Checkout offers.

JS Elements allows you to offer a completely native payment experience to your customers without the need for integrating multiple APIs.

It offers pre-built UI blocks, also known as Elements. These Elements could be input fields and buttons that you can seamlessly embed on your payment page.

You can further customize these Elements as per your brand’s theme.

What are the USPs of JS Elements?

The most important USP of JS Element is that it allows businesses to create a native checkout experience with minimal tech effort.

The second important USP of JS Elements is that you do not need to integrate multiple APIs.

Additionally, JS Elements offers a native payment flow with absolutely no PCI onus on you, since the cart details are entered on the Paytm’s element which is run by the JS Checkout library.

Yes, JS Elements is the easiest way to keep up with the ever-changing, ever-evolving PCI regulations and ensure that no sensitive data hits your servers.

With JS Elements, we are offering you the simplest form of PCI compliance without the hassle of costly and time-sensitive audits.

Lastly, JS Elements make collecting payment details more secure and prevents malicious actors from stealing sensitive customer information.

We generate a secure iframe to isolate sensitive customer information from your site. It not only eliminates entire classes of attacks but also gives you complete visual control.

How is JS Elements different from JS Checkout?

The major difference lies in the way the payment page appears. This is how the payment page looks when you integrate JS Checkout:

With JS Element, we will enable businesses to break down the UI components for individual payment sources.

Unlike JS Checkout, the option for selecting one’s preferred payment method does not open in a pop-up window over the payment page. Check out this video:

For whom is Paytm JS Elements relevant?

If you are an online business owner who is looking to integrate JS Checkout but do not want the checkout page to have an overlay design or only want to use certain parts of our payment suite, for example, Scan & Pay QR, etc.

Exploring all the options before deciding on one checkout solution is crucial to ensure you choose what is best for your business.

Apart from JS Checkout and JS Elements, Paytm also offers several superb checkout solutions.

One of them is the All-In-One SDK which offers a completely native checkout experience to customers but it is much faster and a lot more efficient.

You can read more about All-In-One SDK here.

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