Provide Your Customers With Fastest Checkout Experience with All-In-One SDK


As a small business, providing your customer with the best experience in the market is everything. With India’s customers steadily shifting to a smartphone culture, even more so in light of the global pandemic, an efficient digital interface can make or break your business. Your customers deserve a seamless payment experience.

Paytm’s All-in-One SDK payment gateway can not only provide your clients with a complete native payment experience but also do it much faster and more efficiently than any other option in the market.

A Software Development Kit or SDK is a tech set that allows developers to integrate third-party services, like a payment system, into their own app. An SDK comes with a set of software libraries, codes, documents, guides, and other support material that facilitates this integration. Think of SDK as a DIY meal box – all the ingredients for the final dish are available. You just need to put them all together without any additions from your side to prepare your dish!

For instance, if you are developing a virtual store for your small business, you will need to integrate an online payment option. Instead of setting up your own payment mechanism, an existing third-party SDK like Paytm’s newly integrated All-in-One SDK can be added into your App. This will help you leverage existing expertise to provide your customers a holistic and smooth payment experience, and will also save you time and money.

Relying on an online payment gateway SDK has multiple benefits especially for small and medium businesses. 

Building a payment mechanism from scratch can be a costly affair! An integrated SDK can save a small business lakhs of rupees in the development phase.

Integrating an existing payment gateway can expedite the development of your app, putting it out on the market sooner than expected.

It will provide better security of transactions for customers as well as for Paytm merchants.

While updating a payment gateway every time, compliance changes can be a costly and arduous affair. With a third-party provider, the compliance will come in-built and with auto-update features – So you don’t have to worry about these changes.

Introducing Paytm’s New All-in-One SDK

Paytm’s All-In-One SDK is a simple-to-integrate, lightweight SDK that provides users with the best continuous native payment experience in the market. The integrated gateway accepts a range of internal and external payment options like Saved Cards, Digital Wallets, Payment Banks, UPI, Postpaid, etc. which none of Paytm’s competitors in the market offer.

Paytm’s All-in-One SDK comes with an express checkout feature with a bottom sheet view for your Merchant App, meaning the payment gateway utilizes a user’s existing Paytm App session on the phone to initiate payments. In case the App is not active, only then will the All-in-One SDK redirect the user to a webpage to login into Paytm and proceed with payment. 

Paytm’s SDK can be integrated into Android and iOS apps easily, and is also compatible with Apps developed on hybrid platforms like Ionic, React Native, Flutter, Xamarin, or Cordova. The top highlights of this new addition for a merchant are:

  • Easy and quick integration with Android and iOS platforms
  • Support for both Native and Hybrid Apps
  • Flexibility in choosing payment sources as per your requirements: either single or multiple payment options
  • Better transaction success rate
  • The SDK ncludes Paytm Assist – A feature that Auto-reads and Auto-submits OTP in case of Card and Bank transactions
  • Support for Subscription Payments and Bank Offers.

Why should you get Paytm payment gateway for your business?

Choosing the right payment partner for your business is important for a hassle-free payment experience for both you and your customers. Here is why Paytm’s payment gateway is a reliable choice for your small businesses.

  • Quicker payments

The new express checkout feature uses a customer’s existing Paytm App session to initiate their payment (or redirect to a mobile page for login, if a session is not active). Integrating payments with the App reduces the transaction time by as much as 32%, since a number of steps are eliminated, such as multiple OTP verifications and login passwords. Your customers simply need to utilize their saved details to complete payment.

  • Better payment success

No one wants to attempt multiple payments and risk losing money! Repeated payment failures can discourage customers from visiting your App. A large repository of Saved Cards improves payment success by 6-8%. Paytm is India’s largest payments bank with a repository of about 200 million saved cards and over 100 million UPI-linked accounts. Given this massive repository, the Paytm payment gateway is much more efficient than other.

  • More choices

Paytm’s Online Payment Gateway provides your customers multiple payment options to complete their purchase. They can choose from Saved Cards, a Digital Wallet, UPI, Net Banking, or Postpaid cards. The gateway also supports Merchant Gift vouchers.

  • Better user experience

Paytm’s express checkout view enables customers to complete their payment on the same page. Your customer experience will be smooth since it will eliminate the need to toggle between pages on the browser or App. Additionally, the gateway provides your customers access to a number of other features like payments to vendors, corporate meal allowances, daily wages for industries, as well as refunds.

  • Automatic app based updates

Paytm offers App based updates to merchants on the PG page. This means that your App will only need to be integrated with the portal once, following which updates will be automatic. This is a feature that no other gateway in the market offers. With Paytm’s online payment gateway, you will have an App that will be legally compliant, swifter and safer compared to brands using other payment options.

Get Started Now!

If you believe that Paytm’s Payment Gateway integrations will be a valuable addition to your small business, get started now!

Accessing and integrating Paytm’s new All-in-One SDK is a simple and straightforward process. Check out the step-by-step guide here.





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