How to Optimise Your Mobile App for Better Conversion


As humans, we are constantly trying to do things that make our lives comfortable and easier to live. That’s why people love technology or download certain mobile apps.

Smartphones have done this in a really impactful way and we can see the proof around us: almost everyone has at least one smartphone.

The widespread adoption of smartphones has impacted digital payments in a huge way. How? Mobile apps over the years have become at par with websites (although they both have their own unique strength).

This prowess of apps has made buying things over a smartphone really simple. According to India Mobile Payments Market Report 2021, payments made via apps rose by 67 percent in 2020.

Benefits of mobile commerce

There is hardly any business that doesn’t have a web presence. However, optimising your e-commerce portal for mobile-first users is still not a priority for a large number of businesses. This is specifically true for small and medium businesses that either have a small range of product offerings or cater to a certain geography.

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On the flip side, the ones that do have a mobile presence, have done it because their competitors have optimised their online stores for smartphones. What if we told you there are far better and important reasons to have a mobile app and mobile site?

Here is why you should invest in having a mobile app:

  • Ease of access: This is the trademark benefit of mobile commerce. People use their smartphones for more than one purpose. It would be really convenient for customers to check out your products on their mobile phones and eventually make a purchase. This removes the friction of reaching out to their laptops every time they want to buy something
  • Widens reach: Optimising your e-commerce store for easy browsing on mobile devices will take your brand to newer markets. It’s easier to reach prospective customers via mobile sites using social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and others.
    Even if you deliver in a select few locations, people will get to know about your product. And, who knows, one day there will be enough demand for you to start servicing new geographies
  • Better understanding of customers: One main advantage of getting customers to use your app is that you can better understand their requirements. You can get a better understanding of your users if they use your app. You can personalise your offering to your customers based on their location, products they already use, their likes and dislikes
  • Helps physical retail sales: Many businesses have physical as well as online stores and price products differently based on the platform they want to promote more. In any case, mobile apps can come in handy if your customers want to check out product prices online and then decide where to buy from

5 Ways to make your mobile app user friendly

Now that you are warming up to the idea of having your own mobile app you should know the things to keep in mind while designing the app.

  • Similar UI/UX: Since your app or the mobile website is just another platform for users to discover your product, the user interface should be as close to your desktop version as possible. Any significant change in UI and UX on your website should reflect on your app as well. Try to maintain familiarity for your users
  • Better filter option: Customer-first approach says that you must do everything in your capacity to make your customers’ life at least a little bit easier. Give your customers a well-thought-out filter option that allows them to quickly find the product they are looking for
  • Autocomplete feature: Taking forward the above argument of making customers’ lives easier, think about the pain of having to type everything on their keypads. You should be able to preempt what the user is trying to look for and help them autocomplete their search by showing suggestions
  • Local language and voice search: If you want to increase your ambit of operations to small towns, enabling local language search to your app will go a long way. If possible, add a voice search option as well. The new set of internet users are largely searching for things online using voice commands. Get on top of this trend as early as possible
  • Smooth checkout: Doing all of this will not give you any result if your checkout flow on the app is lengthy. Keep the checkout and buying process as simple as you can. Choose a payment gateway that wears this feature as a badge of honour

How Paytm Payment Gateway makes mobile payments easy

According to a PwC report, mobile and wearable devices are going to emerge as the preferred payment mode in India by 2025. So, getting the right payment gateway to do the job of collecting payments digitally is very important for your app.

Paytm Payment Gateway has one of the most versatile and varied payment offerings that fits perfectly with all the requirements needed for mobile payments.

Here is how Paytm Payment Gateway can make payment collection a delightful experience:

  • Lightning-fast integration

We understand the urgency and the timeliness of getting the app up and running. That’s why we have two types of SDKs that you can choose from and start collecting payments on your app in no time.

The first SDK offering creates a robust and completely secure payment gateway for your app. There is no need for OTP verification of users if they are already logged into their Paytm app.

However, if you are looking to customise your checkout process, Paytm Custom UI SDK is more suitable for you. This SDK has a number of other advantages such as a high success rate, quick access to saved cards, one-click payments via Visa cards, and it provides various banks and EMI payment options.

  • All payment modes enabled

Once you link your app with Paytm Payment Gateway, your customers will be spoilt for choices when it comes to picking the right payment mode. Right from the traditional net banking, RTGS, and NEFT payments, Paytm Payment Gateway allows UPI and wallet-based payments as well. In addition to these, customers can also opt for EMI-based payments or pick Paytm Postpaid method as our buy now, pay later offering.

  • Timely reconciliation

One of the best features of Paytm Payment Gateway is that businesses get to see the money in their bank account in T+1 days, where T is the day of the transaction. While other payment gateways take at least a couple of days to reconcile and transfer the money to the account, Paytm Payment Gateway does it in one day.

The added benefit is that we don’t let any public holiday come in our way. Every day and hour is the business hour for us. If you wish to take it up a notch and want to receive the money the same day, consider signing up for the paid plan.

  • Tokenisation

We are always on top of the industry trends and follow the regulator’s guidelines and rules to the T. Since after RBI’s rule on saved cards will nullify all the existing cards that are saved on e-commerce companies’ servers, we tied up with card network companies to start tokenising users’ card details.

RBI has said that tokenising cards is the only way online sellers and buyers can reap the benefits of quick checkout via saved cards. And we are one of the very few payment gateways that have it ready for online business.

  • Analytics

Paytm Payment Gateway is not just a payment gateway, it is a whole suite of differentiated offerings. While we do a pretty good job of taking care of all the payment-related activities, we went ahead and created analytics tools for our customers.

The Paytm for Business dashboard provides a detailed analysis of all the payments received. It will give you day-by-day analysis of how your customers paid, which device they used, among other things. These are actionable insights that can be used to devise new strategies for your business and provide customised offerings to your customers.

Go with Paytm Payment Gateway

Mobile apps make for a really convenient way for customers to shop. It also allows businesses to get a better understanding of customers. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Get that app up and running in no time with Paytm Payment Gateway. Create an account and get started now.

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