Why Paytm PG is More Than Just The Best Payment Gateway

Why Paytm PG Is More Than Just The Best Payment Gateway

Paytm Payment Gateway is one of the best digital payment gateways available for Indian startups and large corporations.

Paytm is a well-established brand in India and is trusted by millions of consumers for their online transactions. Additionally, Paytm Payment Gateway offers a wide range of payment options, including credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI, and more, making it convenient for customers to make payments.

It also offers a seamless and secure payment experience, which is important for both customers and merchants.

Paytm Payment Gateway provides various businesses with tools and resources to help them optimise their online business, such as analytics and fraud detection.

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Overall, the combination of wide acceptance of digital payments, convenience, security, and additional tools and resources make Paytm Payment Gateway a highly attractive option for businesses in India.

However, Paytm for Business has much more to offer in addition to Paytm PG. There is a gamut of software and hardware products that Paytm for Business has created for businesses.

We will talk about them in this article. But first, let’s take a look at why Paytm Payment Gateway is the best PG.

Features of Paytm Payment Gateway

Paytm Payment Gateway offers a variety of features to help businesses and customers with their online transactions. Some of the main features include:

  1. Largest scale: Paytm is preferred by more than 330 million consumers in India. Even though it operates at such a large scale Paytm Payment Gateway can process payments at the speed of 3,000 transactions per second.
  2. India’s most reliable PG: Over the years, by constantly improving and solving interesting and new problems, Paytm Paytm Gateway has become one of the most trusted PG in the industry. India’s biggest online brands such as Uber, Flipkart, Zomato, Airtel, IRCTC, LIC and many others trust Paytm PG.
  3. Industry-best prices: With Paytm PG, customers get to enjoy secure and fast payments without spending exorbitantly large amounts in fees. Paytm PG is 2x more affordable than other payment gateways. It offers 0% transaction fees on payments made using UPI & RuPay cards.
  4. Boost conversions: Paytm PG is not only adept at digital payments, but it can also boost conversions for merchants. With tools such as Paytm Postpaid and affordable EMI payment options from brands and banks, merchants can start seeing a bump in conversions.
  5. Superior technology: Industry best success rates & 99.99% Up-time, Capable of supporting 3x more transactions per second than other payment gateways.
  6. Superfast next day settlements: Unlike other payment gateways, Paytm PG is quick with settlements. With the next-day settlement feature, merchants can save up to 249+ days of cash flow.
  7. Powerful dashboard: Get payment analytics at your fingerprints. Get insights by payment source and customer cohorts.
  8. Instant refunds: Paytm Payment Gateway allows businesses to easily  process refunds and cancellations for customers. Merchants can initiate refunds seamlessly with just a click right from their Paytm for Business dashboard.

Paytm PG is the only player that offers distinguishing features like customer acquisition, customer retention, and in-store offline payment tools. These features clearly show why Paytm PG is more than just a payment gateway.

Here is an easy-to-understand chart that shows how Paytm Payment Gateway is ahead of its peers in the industry.

FeaturePaytm PGOther PGs
Exclusive one-tap payment optionsPaytm Wallet
Paytm Postpaid
Not available
Reliability & success rates
  • Scalable up to 3,000 transactions per second
  • Saved instruments: over 350 million
  • In-house banking infrastructure
  • Less than 3,000 transactions per second
  • Saved instruments: over 4 million
  • External banking infrastructure
Platform compatibilityCompatible with 30+ partnersCompatible with 13+ partners
Default settlement cycleT+1T+2
Support for in-store paymentsYesNot available
Customer acquisition tools
  • Advertise on Paytm app with Paytm Ads
  • Acquire new users with deals and gift vouchers
Not available
Customer loyalty toolsRun engaging loyalty programs with Paytm mLoyalNot available

Payment Challenges That Only Paytm Payment Gateway Solves

There are various levels of payment related challenges that businesses face. While some of these challenges are quite severe and merchants expect payment gateways to provide a solution, there are some challenges that merchants can live with.

At Paytm Payment Gateway, we seek to solve all kinds of problems. Here we are listing challenges that no other payment gateway provides any solution for except Paytm Payment Gateway:

  • Faster and reliable settlements – Paytm PG offers settlements of T+1 day, which no other gateway offers.
  • Customer acquisition – For customer acquisition, merchants can leverage Paytm Ads to get quality leads.
  • Customer retention – With the help of innovative payment solutions like Paytm Postpaid, businesses can retain customers who abandon their carts because of lack of funds. Paytm Postpaid allows customers to buy products on credit without having a credit card.
  • Customer loyalty – To boost customer loyalty, merchants can offer vouchers from Paytm that allow customers to purchase interesting products from Paytm.
  • In-store payments – To enable merchants accept digital payments in their stores, Paytm offers devices such as Paytm Card Machine, Paytm All-in-One QR code, and Paytm Soundbox.

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More Products From Paytm for Business

Paytm for Business understands that merchants have different pain points which need to be addressed. Every business, depending on their industry and size will have unique requirements.

Paytm for Business has over the years built products and services that caters to these issues quite effectively.

Here are the other line of products from Paytm for Business:

  • Paytm Soundbox

We at Paytm believe that we have the responsibility to lower the friction for businesses as much as we can when it comes to accepting digital payments. Paytm Soundbox is a result of that endeavour.

To help businesses navigate the world of digital payments we created Paytm Soundbox. This smart device comes with an audio alert feature every time someone pays money digitally. It is equivalent to a payment notification but with audio that announces the details of the payment.

Since its launch, the Paytm Soundbox has gained immense popularity amongst merchants as it allows them to conduct their business smoothly.

This amazing voice alert device takes care of all the hurdles related to store rush, customer fraud etc. This makes the digital payment process completely stress free.

  • Paytm All-in-One QR code

Paytm for Business is dedicated to offering businesses tools that can help them simplify their digital payment woes. With different QR codes circulating in the market, Paytm launched the mother of all QR codes: All-in-One QR code.

With Paytm All-in-One QR code, users can send money using any payment mode irrespective of which payment app they have on their phones.

For merchants, the benefit is that they can reconcile all payments from their dashboard in just a few clicks.

  • Paytm Card Machine

Point-of-sale (POS) devices have become quite popular for retail businesses. However, in the recent past online companies have also realised its usage as they collect money from customers at their doorstep during delivery.

Due to this, Paytm offers card machines that are light in weight, travel-friendly, and remain charged for long hours.

Paytm Card Machine allows businesses to accept money using QR codes, debit and credit cards, prepaid cards, net banking, UPI, and EMI.

Businesses also benefit from special bank and brand offers that are exclusive to merchants who use Paytm Card Machine.

  • Paytm Postpaid

Very often merchants face cart abandonment issues due to customers realising at the last moment that they don’t have enough money in their accounts. Since credit card penetration is still not as pervasive as one would like it to be, there has to be another way to help customers buy products on credit.

Paytm Postpaid is our way of helping merchants close the sale even if the customer doesn’t have enough money in their account. Merchants should enable Paytm Postpaid on their checkout page as it will help them get more customers. With Paytm Postpaid, customers have the freedom to buy products they like and pay in EMIs in the coming months.

  • Paytm Ads

One way to get into aggressive growth mode is through advertisements. Since customers are present on digital platforms almost all the time, it makes sense that businesses prioritise digital advertising over other traditional channels.

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Paytm Ads is one of the best tools out there that can not only improve brands’ visibility but provide them with quality leads.

With tools such as custom cohorts merchants can target a specific set of customers based on their product and intention.

With Paytm Ads, merchants can advertise their brands on different platforms such as Paytm App, Paytm Money, and Paytm Insider. Paytm App, which is one of the largest fintech platforms in India, sees more than 150 million monthly active users.

  • Paytm Analytics

Every business needs to look back and analyse how it did in the past month, learn how their customers are paying, which platform they prefer to buy products from, etc.

Paytm Analytics can provide merchants with rich insights of how their customers are paying, which payment mode they prefer, if they use the app more or the website, etc.

Paytm Analytics can give reports about customers, payment flow, and app or website performance. This will allow business owners to effectively analyse the transaction patterns and preferences of customers on their website and app.


Just like merchants have diverse requirements to successfully run their businesses, Paytm for Business offers a wide range of products and services. Although Paytm Payment Gateway is the best PG in the market, Paytm for Business has more products and services that merchants can benefit from.

We are a one stop destination for both online and in-store payments. In addition to that we also help fast-track customer acquisition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How many languages does Paytm SoundBox support?

Answer: Paytm SoundBox supports the following 11 languages: Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam, Punjabi,Gujarati, and Odia.

Question 2: Does Paytm Payment Gateway offer omnichannel payments?

Answer: Yes, Paytm Payment Gateway has an array of products that can enable you to offer an omnichannel payment experience to your customers. Products such as Paytm Card Machine, Paytm All-in-One QR code, Paytm SoundBox that offer in-shop payment experience are perfect for you to start omnichannel payments. Paytm PG also has a bevy of online payment products, which works seamlessly with in-shop payments products.

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