How Can Merchants Overcome the Divide Between QR and Card Payments?

Challenges Related to Accepting QR and Card Payments

Indian merchants, be it kirana stores, paan shops, or other sellers, have embraced innovative payment solutions to meet the dynamic demands of their customers. Among these solutions, Paytm Soundbox has emerged as an immensely popular device that has captured the attention of millions of merchants across the nation. This unique tool has seamlessly integrated audio confirmations into the payment process to streamline transactions for merchants who rely on QR code payments. Besides this, the availability of different versions of Paytm Soundbox, be it Paytm All-In-One Music Soundbox or Paytm Pocket Soundbox, is yet another reason behind its growing popularity among both sellers and consumers in India. 

Merchants like you, both big and small, have welcomed the convenience that Paytm Soundbox brings to their businesses. The audio payment notifications that confirm successful transactions have become a familiar sound in countless stores and enhanced the overall payment experience. The device’s success, however, brings to light a crucial challenge that many merchants grapple with – the coexistence of QR code and card payments within their operations.

While Paytm Soundbox has undoubtedly revolutionized QR-based payments, a significant segment of merchants still confronts the challenge of integrating card payments. Since digital transactions are increasing, the need to cater to customers who prefer using cards for payments has become evident. The split between QR and card payments, coupled with the management of separate devices, device rentals, and maintenance, has inadvertently created a complex scenario for many merchants.

Before we present to you a solution to combine both QR and card payments, let’s take a look at some of the common challenges faced by small merchants. The more you relate to these challenges, the more useful our next solution (defined later in this blog post) will be for you.

Beyond the Beeps: Why and Where Do You Struggle with Digital Payments?

Let’s take a closer look at the common challenges you face while accepting digital payments from customers:

1. Device management complexities

As a merchant, you would agree that managing various aspects of business operations is already a demanding task. Paytm Soundbox, with its unique ability to provide audio confirmations for QR-based transactions, has undoubtedly enhanced the transaction experience. However, when it is about accepting card payments, you would need to manage two distinct devices.

Picture your sales counter equipped with the indispensable Paytm Soundbox for QR code transactions and a separate card machine to accommodate customers who prefer card payments. While the convenience of offering multiple payment options is clear, you would want to get it all done from a single device if possible. Besides this, ensuring that both the devices are functional and up to date may require time and effort. 

Here, the possibility of an integrated payment device that handles both QR-based payments and card transactions with ease is enticing. It could offer a breath of relief for you and allow you to focus more on the business and customers.

2. Cost of device rentals

As a part of modern commerce, costs and investments hold significant sway over the decisions you need to make to propel your businesses forward. If you have already embraced Paytm Soundbox as a tool to enhance transactions, the benefits would be evident. Yet, if you want to expand the range of payment options to include cards, you might think about the cost of managing multiple devices.

Merchants, particularly those with modest sales volumes, often find themselves at a crossroads to introduce card payments alongside QR-based payments. Traditional card machines, often associated with Point of Sale (POS) systems, ask for certain costs. If you have fewer sales, you wouldn’t want to pay the rental charges for multiple payment devices at first.

While the ability to offer card payments is undoubtedly attractive, paying for the same may raise valid concerns. The equation becomes a delicate balance between serving customer preferences and managing financial outlays.

Here again, the prospect of a unified device that streamlines payment acceptance and does away with the need for costly dual rentals holds great appeal. By addressing the cost factor, such a solution could bridge the gap between affordability and functionality.

3. Limited payment options

The need to offer a variety of payment options to your customers isn’t just about convenience but a strategic imperative. However, as the payment preferences continue to evolve, the limitation to offer a QR code to accept payments is a disguised challenge in itself. Let’s find out how.

With QR code payments gaining prominence in India’s digital transformation, adopting Paytm Soundbox was a logical step. Yet, you might have faced customers who want to pay you via cards – credit or debit.

Indeed, customers’ preferences for payment methods can vary. While QR-based transactions are seamless and quick, a certain segment of customers still prefers the familiarity and security of card payments. The very innovation that streamlined one aspect of the transactions now presents a limitation, which is the inability to cater to the full spectrum of payment choices.

4. QR usage dominance

The landscape of digital payments has been in a state of constant flux. However, as QR-based transactions grow, the dynamics between QR codes and card payments also emerge.

QR codes have already made a dominant mark in the Indian digital payment landscape. The convenience, speed, and familiarity of these transactions have resonated with a wide spectrum of customers. Yet, amidst this wave of QR dominance, card payments persist. The inclination towards card payments among certain customer segments remains steadfast. Many customers want to use cards for payments to benefit from loyalty programs or personal preference, which is why the demand for card transactions is still there.

In such a scenario, you might have felt the challenge to accommodate both QR code and card payment preferences simultaneously. Having a device that can deal with both these payment preferences can position you to thrive in the diverse and evolving market.

5. Market competition

No matter which type of business you run, standing out from the competition is quite a challenge. As the ways to do business evolve, so do customer expectations. Even customers now consider the availability of diverse payment options before making purchases.

Competition is no longer about product offerings solely but also about the overall customer experience, which is where payment methods play a pivotal role. Customers seek convenience, flexibility, and seamless interactions. If you offer a limited range of payment options, it can be a disadvantage. 

If your competitors are exploring innovative ways to accommodate customer preferences, you want that too. Those who can offer a wider spectrum of payment options hold an undeniable edge. Without the ability to accept card payments alongside QR code transactions, you may risk lagging in this competitive race. Customers seeking specific payment options might choose merchants who align with their preferences, leaving others in their wake.

One Device, Many Solutions: Paytm Card Soundbox for Effortless QR and Card Payments

Innovation has always been the driving force behind smoother operations and enhanced customer experiences. Paytm, a pioneer in the digital payments landscape in India, unveils its latest masterpiece that promises to transform the way you handle payments. Say hello to the future of payment solutions with Paytm Card Soundbox.

Paytm Card Soundbox allows you to accept QR-based, credit, and debit card payments altogether. It offers an integrated solution that harmonizes convenience, functionality, and affordability. This innovative device caters to the evolving expectations of customers who seek diverse ways to pay. Here are some of its primary features:

  • Instant audio notifications for successful transactions
  • Easy to accept payments via Paytm wallet, UPI, Paytm Postpaid, and contactless debit & credit cards using NFC technology
  • 5-day battery backup to ensure uninterrupted functionality for an extended period
  • 4G high-speed network connectivity for seamless and speedy operations
  • 2G fallback for merchants in areas with limited 4G connectivity
  • A powerful 4W speaker for louder audio notifications
  • Available in 11 languages to cater to diverse customer preferences
  • Easy to charge with a Type C cable 
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Ideal for various types of businesses, including kirana stores, stationery shops, medical stores, clothing merchants, and others

To know more about the features of Paytm Card Soundbox, click here

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