Digitize Vendor Invoicing With Paytm Payouts


Are you still stuck with the old age process of receiving and tracking invoices manually for your organization? Don’t you think, getting each invoice from multiple vendors either physically or through emails and then validating information manually is too error-prone and time-consuming?

If that’s not enough, re-entering and reconciling the data afterward in the various softwares to process those invoices, adds on to the burden of this already tedious process, doesn’t it?

Well, worry not… What if we tell you that we brewed a fully digital one-stop solution for all your vendor invoicing needs?

Vendor Invoice Management by Paytm Payouts brings in that keen eye to your business payables that you of course need as a company/product/finance head. Once you automate your payables with Paytm Payouts, there is no going back!

How does it work?


All it takes is 4 simple steps!

  • Collect and Record the vendor invoices using Paytm Payouts dashboard 
  • Auto-Validate each vendor invoice, i,e no manual verification of invoices
  • Get all Approvals at one place
  • Make 24*7 Bulk Payments in a single click 

What does it bring for your business?

Here’s why you need to get the Paytm Payouts Advantage for your vendor invoicing system:

    1. Easy to use: The user-friendly dashboard allows you to manage all your vendor invoices at one place 
    2. Well-knit approval system: Paym Payouts dashboard comes with a built-in approvals system wherein your employees can manage and process invoices and their approvals as per their set roles and hierarchy. 
    3. Reduced errors: With less manual keying of data and automatic data fetching, you can reduce the scope of manual errors and discrepancies while managing your vendor invoices.
    4. Clear payables visibility: As a business owner or head of the department you will always have a clear picture of your business payables by using the dashboard.
    5. Detailed reports: With Paytm Payouts, you can get customized reports to analyze your data.
    6. Payment reminders: You can get timely reminders for your upcoming payments. Well, keeping your vendors happy is one hell of a task, and we make it easier! 
    7. Multiple payment modes: You can pay your vendor invoices through their convenient mode of payment.
    8. Easy reconciliation: Paytm Payouts also allows you to keep a record of payments made in cash or through any other method. You can easily reconcile all payments in one place, i.e, your Paytm Payouts dashboard.
    9. Better resource planning: Since Paytm Payouts allows you to say B-bye to so many manual tasks, you very well have an opportunity for optimum utilization of your resources.

Last but not the least, payment offers and discounts never lose their charm. Avail the benefits of early payments to your vendors. If this got you curious, click below to contact us today and know more about Paytm Payouts!


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