Simplify Customer Payouts with Paytm Payouts

A payout is essentially a business payment that is made by the company to its stakeholders such as vendors, merchants, employees, partners, customers etc. Customer payout is the payment made to customers in the form of cashbacks, rewards and refunds.

Why should we use Paytm Customer Payouts?

  • Paytm Customer Payouts is a 24*7 service, available on weekends and public holidays as well.
  • Instantly transfer rewards, cash on delivery refunds and gift vouchers to the customers.
  • You no longer need to know the bank details of your customers. Make a transfer through payout link, UPI, e-mail address or phone number to the customer’s wallet or bank account, whatever mode of payment they prefer.
  • Schedule and automate winnings, refunds, reward transfers and track all the transactions in real-time.

Who is it for?

Customer Payouts is for any business whose end-user is the direct consumer. Some of the use cases are listed below:

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