How Can Paytm UPI Revamp Payments Process For Your Business?


For the past few years, the digital payment ecosystem has evolved drastically in the country. But still, many businesses and merchants find it tough to digitize their payments system. For such business owners, integration of Paytm UPI will not only make their payment process seamless but also customer-friendly. With greater security and more flexibility, UPI is one of the most preferred payment methods among the majority of customers.

According to the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI), the total UPI transactions reached 1.3 billion for December 2019 and are showing steady growth.

There are many reasons why UPI payments are essential for merchants today. As a single-click and two-step authentication payments platform, it works for all and gives the best payment experience possible. With its clear advantages and exceptional features, UPI makes it more convenient to disburse and collect payments online. Merchants can accept unlimited funds directly to their bank account using this smart payment mechanism.

If you are an entrepreneur, startup, retailer, services provider, or professional, we have something great for your business. In this blog, we will see how merchants can use Paytm UPI to resolve their payment collection issues.

Easy & efficient payment experience with Paytm

With the implementation of UPI Intent or UPI InApp or UPI Collect solutions from Paytm, it becomes simple and efficient for businesses to process payment via UPI. Paytm UPI Intent flow gives freedom to customers to pay from any UPI PSP Apps available on their devices without switching between merchant App, UPI App, and SMS.

Besides, Paytm UPI InApp creates an enhanced consumer experience by showing UPI associated bank accounts of customers directly on the merchant app. UPI Collect is another useful feature by Paytm that makes it easy to accept payment from customers. It encourages customers to enter their preferred VPA addresses to make payments securely.

Here single click authentication and one application for tapping different accounts reduce the overall turnaround time while improving efficiency. Also, merchants get to leverage the high success rates for payments with any of the Paytm UPI solutions.

Real-time transactions gives an edge to your business

Real-time payment transfer and round the clock availability through mobile is crucial for the consistent performance of your business. Instant payments notification, superior fraud prevention, accurate fund collection, and effective tracking are a few advantages that Paytm UPI offers to the merchants. As transactions take place in real-time, the chances of payment fraud as well as problems related to cash collection are reduced.

Ensure business growth with better insights

With Paytm UPI Solutions, merchants can track payments, initiate refunds, view bank settlements, and do much more. Merchants can effectively manage their accounts through a powerful dashboard to streamline their complex business payments process. Plus, they get into better customer insights for the steady growth of their businesses. Having access to real-time reports and crucial statistics makes it effortless for merchants to track and manage their business activities.

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Makes payment collection economical using Paytm UPI

Paytm UPI is an innovative payments technology that empowers merchants to start collecting digital payments without any separate integration or additional investment in the infrastructure.

It allows merchants to collect high volume payments more economically while creating the first-rate ecosystem for banks, merchants, and customers. Thus, the easy and prompt offering of UPI to the customers has long-term benefits for merchants.

Added safety & security with anti-fraud technology Of Paytm

When it comes to enhanced security, Paytm UPI has the best features to keep your digital transactions safe & secure. With Paytm’s anti-fraud technology and PCI-DSS compliant 128-bit encryption, merchants can create a dependable payment system for their evolving business needs.

Final words

By now, we hope you must have got some idea about how merchants can solve their online payment issues with Paytm’s UPI integration into their website/application. It ensures a fast, secure, and seamless payment experience for both customers and merchants.

With its smart user-friendly features and easy integration, Paytm UPI is a perfect way for all businesses to accept payments. Moreover, Paytm UPI solutions are designed to address the challenges faced by merchants from different industries. Now they can collect and manage customer payments in real-time using these proven solutions by Paytm. Merchants who have adopted these Paytm UPI have seen an improved operational efficiency in their business case.

If you want to offer the best payment experience for your customers? Or want to better your business payment process? Then look no further. Paytm has the right UPI solution for your newly established business or existing enterprise. It will make your digital payments easy and more effective. With the adoption of Paytm UPI, the overall business process will become improved that ultimately helps in higher conversion rates and better revenues. Merchants can also leverage Paytm’s best-in-class checkout experience that works well for them.

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