How to simplify payments in your shop with Paytm Soundbox

Digital payment solutions are the norm nowadays. As a business owner in the current times it is essential to implement digital payments to ensure that you don’t lose out on customers. Digital payments are quick, safe, simple and hassle free. 

To help you navigate the world of digital payments Paytm brings to you the Paytm Soundbox. Soundbox is a POS audio alert device that issues a voice notification on every successful payment. Since its launch the Paytm Soundbox has gained immense popularity amongst merchants as it allows them to conduct their business smoothly.

This amazing voice alert device takes care of all the hurdles related to store rush, customer fraud etc. This makes the digital payment process completely stress free. 

What are the Key Features of Paytm Soundbox ?


Why do you need a Soundbox in your store?

Payment management is simple – Accept payment from multiple sources and get immediate alert on successful payments.

Easily handle peak business hours – Handling a big crowd at your shop becomes easy because there is no confusion of payments and you can keep track of all transactions easily. Easily replay the last transaction to eliminate any confusions. 

No chance of customer fraud – Any chance of being duped by a customer with a fake or old payment message is eliminated as you get confirmation in real time.

Maintaining long term relationships – Asking your loyal customers to show payment messages is awkward, but, with an audio alert device you are saved any embarrassment.


How does the Paytm Soundbox work? 

The Soundbox has a SIM card and all the necessary settings, including language preference are already configured into it.  It is a plug and play device, when a customer scans the QR code at the front of the device and pays, a voice alert clearly announces the message “Rs X received successfully”.

A Soundbox can help you simplify operations at your business and manage payments without any worries.

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